RE-act studio finally opens its own workshop! A concept-store shared with others artists and designers working with 2nd hand materials.


The project

Mû OPENING: a concept-store for RE-act


RE-act was born 3 years ago in Nantes. After may collaborations, seasonal markets and pop-up stores, it's time for us to have our own workshop/store. And we want it to be open and collaborative. Therefore it's going to be a shared-place with others artists and designers working with second-hand materials.   


The concept is simple:

A piece of cloth can have various lives




We've already designed 3 collections, that you can find on our facebook page




We also collaborate with other artists in order to create special art instalations and performances.









As we want to keep our values, we decided to only reward people by giving them something out of our creations, and not easy-made goodies. For people who can't afford them, we decided to invite anyone donating 20€ or more to join our big party in september. But if's you're reading this in english and backing us from abroad it's going to be hard to come to Nantes and celebrate with us :( Anyhow, if you chose to back the followings, here's what you'll get (Europe only)



30 ★ the RE-act great supporter kit

The special gold badge for special people + a postcard from either Nantes or Paris, with a little message from us and of course all our love.



50 ★ a personalized tote bag or little handbag.

You are the designer of this one: tell us the size, the colors and some fancy details, we'll make it for you.



75 ★ the scarf

Made from your own shirt, or the one of a dear relative. Send it to us by post and we'll send it back in its new shape.



100 ★ the scarf + the tote bag (or little handbag)



From abroad, we won't be able unfortunately to provide the last rewards. Hope you'll find hapiness with those first ones, but feel free to donate more than 100 if you feel like ;)


Why fund it?



1• Support a part of the costs due to this opening

2• Gather enough money to create a sexy website


We aim to collect 3000€ to support all the renovation costs in the workshop, 3000€ to pay good developpers in order to implement the great design Samuel Lefebvre did for us when he was our volunteer intern back then in 2010 and the last 480€ are meant for KKBB to support their functionning costs.


Here's a sneak view of the space and the team :) Photo


Chez RE-act, nous REstructurons vos vêtements oubliés, ou ceux que nous avons soigneusement chinés, en une nouvelle pièce unique et sur-mesure. Loin du traditionnel patchwork, nous vous proposons un style frais et décalé né de notre approche expérimentale. Plus que de simples vêtements, RE-act est une expérience ludique et créative à laquelle nous vous... See more

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Merci pour ces dons jusqu'ici, nous donner de votre temps et nous soutenir ... ça fait chaud au coeur :)
Je suis une amie de Nina, j'espère de tout coeur que ça va marcher ;) J'ai hâte de venir visiter les lieux ;)
Courage pour la suite! On est derriere vous.