Online solution for "touring", which allows you to discover must-see places and must-have products of cities of the world and to book online


The project


The e-commerce keeps growing year after year but requires a bigger e-marketing investment which is more and more difficult to manage. This growing difficulty leaves the e-commerce inaccessible to small businesses and small shops which are losing market shares against the new trend of big online suppliers of « low cost ».  

This is why we created “Stouring”:

Our offer is to provide to tradespeople of small shops the opportunity to access this e-marketing trend and to let their shops be digitally visible all over the world. is going to be a promotional tool, e- and m- commerce, easy to use and not expensive, which is going to tell the world about small shops, their know-how, their unique products, most of the time hand-made or custom-made, and which is also going to increase their number of customers. Stouring will also increase the visibility of any of its client by including their offer inside thematic routes which are going to be proposed to any visitor of the web site or the mobile application.  

Our main mission is to promote a new way of sightseeing or shopping by adding to those activities a cultural and relational dimension with local shops that nobody knows, that are hidden but that will provide unique experiences to their visitors. The stouring or “touristical shopping” is to become the next favourite sport for all tourists!


Thus, Stouring will allow each tradesmen, craftsmen or creators to:

    ·         Promote itself efficiently on the web by letting its unique products be visible.

    ·         Have a shop window easily accessible from any smartphone or tablet device.

    ·         Increase its catchment area and attract tourists in his shop.

    ·         To raise awareness of tourism stakeholders and tourism offices to negotiate trade.

    ·         Have a marketing tool online, easy to use, that everyone can manage independently.

    ·         Benefit from counselling and from the Label Stouring to sell better and more.

    ·         Have an e-marketing toolbox (newsletter, fan club, networking social networks, etc.)

    ·         And other benefits to come...


Next to that, here are the advantages that Stouring will provide to internet users:

   ·         Identify / geotag products, services and “must see” places of a city.

   ·         Place an order online and benefit from tariff reductions (min 5%).

   ·         Be guided / advised depending on their interests.

   ·         Plan their visit efficiently.

   ·         Look at the reviews of other visitors and leave theirs.

   ·         Avoid the queues when they take delivery of their order.

   ·         Empathize with local shops, continue to say hello to their favourite retailers and formalize their loyalty!



Why fund it?

The fund raising will support the edition of the first mobile app for Stouring on iOS and Android : "I Love Stouring Best Of Paris Ile de France". This app will help its users to discover the essential of Ile de France through thematic and touristic shopping routes.   


It will also demonstrate your interest in this new activity and unite the first community of ambassadors of Stouristes, whom we would be attempting to satisfy at the best.


Half of the web site and mobile application realization will be financed by our own funding and the other half by participative funding.


If we manage to reach 100% of the funding:  we will be able to deliver the first subscription of your favorite local products and other curiosities. And be able to release the first mobile application of Stouring “I love Stouring Besty of Paris, Ile de France” this summer !


If we manage to reach 150% of the funding: we will also participate to the fair TOP RESA 2014 in Paris Porte de Versailles! 3 days where 30 000 professionals of the tourism sector will be attending to. This event will be a great opportunity for us to gain notoriety,  illustrate our local shops m & smart -guide and bring visibility our partners and all of you who will have supported us and contributed to the funding !


If we manage to reach 200% of the funding: We will be able to develop the « smart » feature of the mobile app on  Which will support the idea of Stouring as “Smart” Touring!


Today, we need your kind support to realize and achieve our project and help us to share our values and conviction to more people, for a better tomorrow !


A BIG thank you for all your support, help, inspiration, ideas and commitment!  We certainly keep in touch through the heading “News” ! You will firstly be aware of the all process, in details including demo and beta apps. We may also need your opinion on features (themes, locals shops, products


The richness and quality of our exchange will be the key of our succes !


Stouring is very young : it will celebrate its first anniversary on April the 18th, 2014 ; which is also the International Day for Monuments and Sites proposed by ICOMOS since 1983 ! On the 18th of April, it was also the date of the first issue in kiosks Humanity , founded by Jean Jaurès in 1904 , the date when the civil wedding of Grace Kelly and... See more

FAQ Questions about the project

+ What does Stouring mean ?

Stouring, is the combination of smart, shopping and touring:

Smart - because we are developing an innovative technology to offer you a smart m-guide (m-Mobile)

Shopping - because it is the favorite activity of tourists and travelers,
and touring, and its anglosaxon name origin: "Shopping" is the English term for "tourist route" and Stouring aims to internationalize itself.

+ What does "SoLoMo" mean ?

SoLoMo is the contraction of "Social ", "Local" and "Mobile ", the three attributes of Stouring.

+ What types of places and shops may I find on " " ?

The objective of Stouring is to bring in the same place all the reception areas and shops related to cultural heritage and local French shopping boutiques , museums, galleries , restaurants , hotels , pastry , chocolate , delis and so on.

+ What does Stouring bring to local shops?

Stouring is an innovative web marketing solution that allows businesses that are "essentials" in a city to promote and sell online a selection of their offer. Through this way, they can more easily retain their traditional customers, offer them additional services using digital and mobile tools, and make themselves known to tourists through thematic trail and "touristic shopping" proposed by Stouring surfers, which we call the "Stourists".

+ Does Stouring enable to make some e-commerce or web2store transaction ?

e & m – commerce : Stouring gives the opportunity to local store, to share their values and information about their offer, flagship store or signature products throughout its website and mobile application.

Web2store or Drive : All users can order their favourite product online, and then must pick it up directly upon arrival in the store. Orders can also be delivered, but only by local traders in their “city of delivery”.

+ Why should you subscribe to the Flower pack delivery with Stouring ?

In selecting, the nearest flower shop, Stouring will be able to deal competitive advantage, thanks to a reliable partnership with local shops ; while it is giving more visibility to them. This seamless relationship between local traders, you and stouring, will contribute to the development of reliable community life in your own town.

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