Support my adventure in FootGolf Cup and the French Open 2016 !


The project

Presentation of my project


Who has not dreamed of representing his country


I have a dream… My little dream of the moment is to participate in the FootGolf Cup 2016 and a few steps on the European Tour. To do this, I need to get sponsors to pay my registration fees. If companies wish to help me in a larger partnership, please contact me directly (


I'm Cédric Martins. Passed by a younger football sport school, I started doing golf later. And recently I practice a new and original sports native of the Netherlands, the FootGolf. It allows me to combine these two sports : Football and Golf.


Vidéo de l'Open de France de FootGolf 2015 (AFFG)


First, what is FootGolf ?


The footgolf is a sport of precision, it is played on a golf course with a soccer ball. The goal is to send keystrokes with the foot, a soccer ball in the hole with the least possible strikes, according to rules very similar golf.


Since 2012, an international federation was born, the FIFG .


This sport is also characterized by wearing special outfits mixing well the dress- code of two sports: knee socks, shorts, polo -neck and beret.



     Example : holding of french FootGolf Team



My project ?


My goal is to participate and get the best ranking in the championship of France , which starts in March with a tour of 20 dates across France.


I want to put the best chances on my side by participating in a maximum of steps to earn maximum points that will allow me closer to success.



Poster of the FootGolf Cup 2016






Why fund it?

Why I need to collect ?

Because this sport is relatively new in our country, the clubs do not have the means to pay registration fees of their players. This is why I searching the necessary funds by myself. I will pay travel expenses and accommodation.

Today I seek to collect 700 euros , representing only 30 % of my annual operating budget.

Details of the budget: - 500 € registration for footgolf Cup and the French Open in individual - 200 € for additional registration for the team competition - 60 € fees related to collection

Cedric FootGolf

Je m'appelle Cédric Martins, francilien pratiquant le football depuis l’âge de 6 ans. J'ai évolué en sport-études foot au collège et au lycée. J’ai participé 2 saisons au championnat de France National des U15 et 1 saison en U17. Sélectionné en équipe de l’Essonne en jeune. Grand sportif dans l’âme, je pratique le golf depuis 3 ans. Et depuis peu, je... See more