Every climber has already climbed a Piola route, but too few people can attest to the tremendous work he performs ...


The project

Like all good Genevans, Michel Piola discovered rock climbing at the Salève, a huge cliff outside Geneva that has been a training ground for a number of leading mountaineers. After 30 years of route-setting, he is without doubt one of the great new routers and has left a lasting impression on the world of climbing. The choice and style of his lines has made his routes extremely popular among large numbers of climbers. 





This film is both a biography of Michel Piola and a chance to see him at work equipping routes on crags and in the mountains. 






The film journeys to Patagonia, Greenland and Pakistan, exploring his life and motivation, as well as following him on current route-setting projects in the Alps and Turkey.







Why fund it?

The shooting of the film is completely finished. Collecting will be to finance the end of the post-production part of the film. (Super8 digitization, slide, way off, sound mixing, calibration ..)   Whether you are a donor or not, thank you for relaying this link with your near and your relationships!



Yannick Boissenot

Mountaineer, climber, skier and filmmaker, I now combines all my passions by making films in the mountains as in India in 2011 at the opening of the track "direct Trishul" on the Himalayan mountains in Japan during the downhill skiing Mt Fuji and more recently in Greenland during a climbing opening in the fiord of Torsukatak. When making a film, my... See more

Newest comments

Merci Michel pour tout ce que tu as fait et continues à faire là-haut ... : tu nous a ouvert les portes de paradis insoupçonnés ! Les potes des Dorées
Parce que "Délit de Fuite" au Sapey près de Thônes m'a laissé un grand souvenir!
Enfin un film sur Michel Piola ! Sympathique initiative, qui me ravira, en tant que fidèle lecteur de ses topos… et parfois ascensionniste de ses voies les plus abordables.