Pèlerinage en décalage is the first Israeli - Palestinian independent art festival in Paris !


The project

You want to know how this project started and why we decided to organize an Israeli-Palestinian festival in the first place?


All the answers are in the following video:



Good things come in threes (and more of course) :




We are now organizing the festival's third edition, thanks to you, your support, your presence, your motivation, your feedbacks and your advices.


The third edition will take place on June 4th and 5th at la Bellevilloise, our favorite venue, across three spaces and floors: 


-       The Forum (for exhibitions, workshops and brunch)

-       The Loft (for screenings and various art performances)

-       The Club (for concerts and parties)




The program of the third edition has already been decided but we will wait a bit before making it public.


Past and future


In 2013, a great deal of people tried to impose upon us that we shouldn’t organize such a festival, that it was crazy, impossible, or even worse, that it was useless... Nevertheless, this so called illegitimate, impossible and useless festival gathered more than 1 200 people in 2014, 2 600 in 2015 and more than 50 artists over two years. A lot of "crazy people" have been therefore part of the adventure over the last 3 years and that's why this project is only really just beginning ! 



Screening in the Forum of la Bellevilloise (JR's Holy Triptych in the background).



Small break on the Bellevilloise's terrace.


Track record


The festival will soon celebrate its third anniversary! The festival has grown a great deal, a lot happened since the beginning of this crazy adventure, it’s therefore a perfect time for us to do a quick reminder about Pèlerinage en décalage.


The festival is :


Two days of multidisciplinary artistic performances where we invite 30 Israeli and Palestinian artists to Paris. This event is co-created intuitively with the artists, their life stories, experiences, aspirations, and visions.


What we seek to showcase is not only art that we look at but living art. We do this with the help of the artists who bring their stories, feelings and talent to exchange with a Parisian audience. This festival is a way to face reality and identify nuances, by and through art.


This festival has not changed the world and it has not brought peace but it offers something new, something disturbing, and surprising that throws us off balance. Thus, this festival has made a tiny mark between war and peace, by allowing us to consider words, ideas and images that do not work in pairs.


It is a festival that asks questions, offers and provides options, exposes nuance and presents thoughts through artistic experiences. This festival does not necessarily give any answers but it does raises many questions, and that cannot be a bad thing.


It is an independent space, politically and financially, where we can address all topics and especially the most sensitive ones. 



Apo and the Apostles - June 14th 2015.



Luna Abu Nassar - June 14th 2015.



Fashion show of the collection "Si'ti" by Sasha Nassar - credits : Anaïs Chatellier.


The festival IS NOT:


A negotiation table or an artistic Oslo agreement. Such a thing has never been claimed and it never will.


A miracle solution to a conflict that has lasted for decades and does not look like it’s going to end anytime soon.


A festival where artists are forced to shake hands and love each other for two days before returning to a harsh political reality.


Basically, this festival is neither sadly desperate nor foolishly naive, that is why it is an important event and that is why we are counting on you to keep making it happen.



Farah Chamma - June 13th 2015.



Meeting with Tamara Erde, director of the documentary This is my land, debate lead by Global Potential. 


Important : the budget


The first edition was funded 100% via the internet through our KissKissBankBank campaign.

The second edition was financed through our second KissKissBankBank campaign, seven independent donors, and a 5 000 euro grant from the City of Paris.


Notice to donors: since we are an association of law 1901 (a type of charitable organization), we deliver CERFA and you can therefore benefit from tax deductions.



Why fund it?

Each year, we launch a crowd funding campaign and are counting on your support to make sure that the festival stays independent, rebellious, passionate, quirky and free! All the artists are volunteers, but we rent the venue, pay for the artists’ visas, plane tickets, stay in Paris, instrument rentals and printings for teh exhibitions and workshops.


Your money will therefore allow us to purchase the plane tickets for all the artists early before prices increase. 



Apo and the Apostles on their way to Paris



To summarize : we need you and are counting on you ! 



Inès et Kenza

Inès and Kenza met during their studies at Sciences Po. Inès is French and grew up in Jerusalem. Kenza is Moroccan and spend her exchange year at the University of Tel-Aviv. They each learned either Arabic or Hebrew. At Sciences Po, Inès graduated with a master in Urban Studies and Public Policy, whilst Kenza got her degree in International Relations and... See more

FAQ Questions about the project

+ Why are you organizing a festival with Israelis and Palestinians ? Aren’t you trying to attempt an "artistic and cultural" peace?

Organizing a political meeting is clearly not our goal, nor is it to push artists to shake hands. Our guests will be free to do what they want and talk to whomever they want. We only ask them to share the same venue and participate in one common festival, something that has never happened in Paris.

There are many meetings and cultural events on Israel/Palestine, often organized in parallel, or with a strong political dimension and all these events are addressing the question in the same way. For our festival, we wanted a change from the norm and that is why we give the floor to art to convey ideas, political or not.

Of course, we would be delighted if a small event like this one triggers peace, but let’s not be naive. This event will affect a small number of Israelis and Palestinians that do not have the same vision of peace because everybody has their own opinion. Nevertheless, they all believe in the power of art to convey their messages, and we are organizing this festival in Paris to see and hear what they have to present, say, sing, build, or create.

We strongly believe that giving the floor to artists (Israeli and Palestinian) will allow to better understand what is happening, to think, and put into perspective our opinions and move forward, together.

+ Why organize a third edition?

After two successful editions, more than 3000 people in two years, 50 artists, eight different art forms at the Bellevilloise, wouldn’t it be crazy not to renew the adventure?

We are organizing a third edition at la Bellevilloise on three different levels (the Forum, the Loft and the Club), this year, each suitable for the different type of art content that we have.

+ In what ways is your festival independent?

Our festival is independent because it receives absolutely no funds, donations or grants from either Israeli or Palestinian public or private structures.

The existence of the festival depends on that choice and this independence means a lot to the artists. That decision implies concessions; we had to refuse thousands of euros in 2015 to preserve our independence and that is the festival’s real added value. It is also the reason why we need your participation.

+ How did you select the artists ?

We started doing some intensive research in order to select interesting and off-the-wall projects or people we thought would fit into the spirit of our festival, and we sent invitations for them to join us in our festival.

We also took suggestions from our Israeli and Palestinian friends, and we are always looking for new projects or initiatives, and there are a lot!

Based on their responses, we built our rebellious, free and passionate programme full of surprises, one we’re looking forward to revealing!

+ Will the artists be paid for coming, performing, and participating to the festival?

No, our guests will come for free, which shows that they believe in our project and the ideas it conveys. We’re “only” (thanks to you) paying for their flight tickets and their accommodation in Paris during the festival.

+ What will the two days look like ?

Once again, why change a winning formula? Just like last year, the festival will be divided in two periods.

During the afternoons, you will be able to attend screenings (in the Loft), take part in discussions and round tables, discover exhibitions, watch artistic performances of dance, theatre or poetry declamation.

The evenings will be only for concerts and parties.

Can’t wait ? Neither can we !

+ Why did you choose Paris to host the festival "Off-the-wall Pilgrimage”?

We’ve been living in Paris for a while now and attended most of the events dealing directly or indirectly with Israel or Palestine, and we figured out something was missing out there: an Israeli-Palestinian arts festival!

Following the success of the first edition, we know today that we can count on a diverse community of curious pilgrims and we hope to develop it. We noticed that curiosity prevails over all opinions and personal convictions.

Choosing Paris to launch “Off-the-wall Pilgrimage” will allow us to target not only Parisian “pilgrims” but “pilgrims” from all around the world also!

+ Why ask only for 5000 €, when you obviously need much more?

For pilgrims who are not familiar with crowd-funding mechanisms, you should know that the money raised will be given to us only if we reach or exceed the initial objective we set. If not, each crowd-funder gets their money back, which would certainly be unfortunate.

This is the reason why we set a target of 5 000€, and we really hope to gather much more thanks to everyone's support in order to make this second edition an even more unforgettable journey.

We really want this third edition to even slicker than the first two, for the public and for the artists. We count on you to help us go forward, together.

+ Why Pèlerinage en décalage/Off-the-wall Pilgrimage as a title ?

Off-the-wall pilgrimage is an invitation to embark on a journey: a virtual, intellectual and artistic journey without even setting foot outside of Paris: an invitation to dive into the nebula of microcosms that make up the Palestinian and Israeli societies.

This "pilgrimage" is not a religious one but a cultural one. It will attract the enthusiasts, tempt the curious, transport travellers and call out to the convinced and the enlightened.

“Off-the-wall” because the itinerary goes beyond – without avoiding – the political and religious questions overused by the media. This event aspires to shed light on some of the little known artistic dynamics of either one, or both societies. People will be at the epicentre of the event, interactively exposing their creative initiatives.

+ Has this festival been boycotted ?

No ! And there is no reason of boycotting this event since it’s financially and politically independent, just like the artists we are inviting.

+ Some innovations for this third edition ?

Of course, always!

First of all, this year we have three different spaces therefore we will be able to screen (in the Loft) the movies and documentaries quietly and everyone will have room to sit and breathe.

This year, there will be workshops in the Forum, in parallel with some screenings. These workshops will be conducted by some of our partner NGOs or by artists.

This year we are receiving collectives of Israelis and Palestinian artists.

Last but not least, we’ll offer a musical brunch to satisfy both those sensitive taste buds and finely tuned ears!

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