Colors, emotions, faces, cultures, lives, souls and diversity of Indian people ; first exhibition of my pictures in Chennai, India.


The project

People of India


India is an amalgamation of so many beautiful ethnicities and cultures. Here are portraits shot during 2010 to 2016 around the rural part of nort-west India and the south India.







A human experience


What makes a good photograph? I knew that if I had stayed indoors with the studio equipment doing commercial and fashion work will not expose me to the wilderness of this planet. So I decided to break that monotonous lifestyle by backpacking away from home. I spend three months traveling in Rajasthan, Gujarati and Tamil Nadu in 2010.





People living in the villages or country side are very warm and welcoming unlike the big cities. They were hard working, humble and spend their time with their families. Most of them offered to come to their house for a meal and sometimes a free place to crash. In some of the places, there was no electricity, internet, sometimes no phones, people were living such content lives without much of technology.


I discovered beauty, humility and the world out there is not all that ugly as we imagine. There are a lot of happy people living just simple lives with what they have.


After this, I continued shooting people I was meeting, mostly in Tamil Nadu.





My first exhibition


I organise my first exhibition to share this experience and show my work. I will exhibit the pictures in Tryst Cafe in Chennai in October 2016 and in Paris in spring 2017.




Why fund it?

I choose the pictures, i found a place to exhib it, I'm almost there, now I just need some help to finance the printings for the exhibitions !


The fundraise will be used to :


* Print 25 pictures (sizes : 16x20" / 20x24" / 24x30") = 830 euros

* Framed all the pictures = 330 euros

* Organise the preview in Chennai and Paris = 100 euros

* Transport all the pictures from Chennai to Paris = 240 euros

* Print the postcards and pictures for the kisskissbankbank contributors = 100 euros




If the fundraise go up to 2500 euros, I will print a limited book of the exhibition and send asigned copy of it to all the people who gave 200 euros and more.


I was born in Bangalore, India,in 1988. I grew up and went to school and college in the bustling city of Chennai in South India. Conforming to my parents wishes, had started my formal education in Information Systems Management, but soon became restless.. I took a break to understand my place in the world and to determine what my skills were. I took... See more

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Good luck Loki! Hope it's a fabulous show! -Elyse
Very nice project Loki. Good luck... and continue to take so beautiful photos
All the best my friend!!