An alternative event actualized within a spirit of solidarity between artists and the inhabitants of the island of Andros, in the Cyclades.


The project

A route (a journey)through ephemeral installations in situ and meetings between artists and residents.

Second edition. Andros, Cyclades, from the 12th of July to 31st August  2014.



‘Epi topou’ comes from the Greek  prefix ‘epi’, meaning on, on the soil, the point at which one thing is connected with another and ‘topos’, meaning  the place.  

Just as the first edition in 2013, this project aims to highlight the solidarity between artists and residents, to allow for opportunities to create a collective artistic experience between Greek and French artists which aspires to create a common European identity.

In this time of Ecomomic recession this proposal is supported by the personal commitment of the artists, the curator and the residents of the island.


It is an expression of the view that art remains a free sphere open to all, an area of action and dialogue.



Andros Cyclades map                                                    installations  map  


The event includes:

A route of about 1800 metres with a collection of ephemeral works designed specifically for this path, near the village of Livadia, close to main town of Andros.  The artistic interventions highlight the transient character of the event, the fragility of materials and nature.

-Four evening gatherings between the artists, residents, and visitors to the island.

-A series of guided tours of the exhibition in situ, throughout the duration of the project.

-Collaboration with artist groups Campus Novel and Fabrica Outopia






L.Mareschal installation "Reclamation desk" Epitopou 2013

The interactive installation by the French artist L. Mareschal consisted of 160 messages written by children in the Chora Elementary school placed along the length of the riverside wall, and held the title "Complaints Office". The day of the opening the messages were read with great emotion by residents, visitors and artists , who discovered the children's worries about the future of the country.





Artists Epitopou  2014 :


Eva T. BONY : Lives and works in Paris.

portfolio :



Eva T.Bony- Installation view Whitewash. Photo C.Bony for EPITOPOU 2013


 Apostolos KARAKATSANIS: Lives and works in Athens



On-off, 2008 


Martha DIMITROPOULOU  : Lives and works in Athens




Martha Dimitropoulou - Mercedes-Benz S500 Pine needle.Ileana Tounta 2014



Séverine HUBARD : livse and works between Buenos Aires and Paris.



"Sans toit ni loi", 2013 in "La ville inadaptée", La Tôlerie, Clermont Ferrand (FR) Bois et bateaux de lit, agrafes, vis, parpaing, moteur et chaine.




Paul SOUVIRON : lives and works in France.




Installation garden shed / cabane de jardin


Curator :Tatiana MAY KALLERGI :lives and works in Greece

projects / portofolio:

Coordination : Tatiana May Kallergi & Eva T. Bony


Photography and video production, communication

Christian BONY: Lives and works in France

Why fund it?

The rationale behind the collective sponsorship /donation:

For the second edition we have secured the support of the Municipality of Andros and the three Cultural Associations on the island, working with them to actualize this event with the best possible conditions (they are helping us with the organization, finding accommodation and securing permits for the artistic interventions).

The Municipality will cover part of the cost of the publicity leaflets. 


Despite their support and kind offers the Greek collaborators will not be able to cover all our expenses.

The sponsorship(donations are) is essential to cover expenses for:


Air fares for the French artist:1250 €

Boat tickets for the French and Greek artists: 245 €

Transport within the island,  transport and purchase of supplies:1500 €

Miscellaneous expenses and the cost of site sponshorship:155 €            Total:3150€


If the sponsorships /donations exceed this amount:  


A sum will be given to the Andros Cinematic/Film Club for the expenses of the use of their facilities Transport and accommodation costs for two assistants students from the Fine Arts University of Florina Accommodation expenses for the Artists and Curator


If the donations exceed the amount of 4000 we will proceed with publishing a catalogue of the two years of the EPITOPOU 2013-2014 exhibitions.     


The artists will donate:

One drawing in a limited edition of 10 copies on 240gr paper, 21 x 15cm

The drawing will be numbered and signed by the artists before being sent out.


Two original drawing on 21 x 29cm paper


One original work , of maximum dimensions 30 x 30 cm


All drawings will be produced on the Island in July


The donators will be given the opportunity to request a work by an artist of their choice on the website  


Priority in choice of work/drawings will be given according to the time of the donation on the website. 

The work will be posted online in July on the website 



Eva T.Bony -Tatiana May Kallergi

Eva Tourtoglou Bony artist who lives and works in Paris and Tatiana May Kallergi curator, who lives and works in Athens are collaborating on the second edition of Epitopou (2014). Τhose participating include the Greek artists Martha and Apostolos and the French artists Séverine and Paul, as well as Christian who is in charge of photographing and filming... See more

Newest comments

Le côté éphémère du projet, au-delà de la démarche unique et personnelle de chaque artiste, nous rappelle ce que nous sommes sur cette terre: des passagers, des invités pour un court moment qu'est notre vie. Ne l'oublions pas, et les artistes sont heureusement là pour nous le rappeler. Merci à Eva Bony et à ses amis. Amitiés, Vesna