Our goal was to make a concrete, symbolic and useful action from the perspective of the 2015 Paris Climate Conference, and here it is !


The project

The association of the Latin Quarter of Paris "Vivre le Quartier latin" has partnered with Avaaz and Reforest'action to develop the project "Setting the Decor for the COP21"!




To reinforce the biodiversity in the Ile-de-France region


By restoring the forest ecosystem, our reforestation action will encourage the development of the fauna and flora in the Millemont forest and will help to strengthen the biodiversity.




To adapt the local forest to the climate change


The new weather conditions are threatening the forest gradually. By introducing the atlas cedar, a tree species that can better resist impact of a drought, our reforestation action contribute to adapt the forest to reduce vulnerability to climate change.




So, is everyone else simply to stand and watch?


With your support, 1000 trees will be planted by the end of november by Reforest’action. A tree planting certificate, pictures and also movies will be sent to the donor, the "don'actors".


You have until the 29th of november 2015, day of the Climate March to contribute ! 



Why fund it?

To restore a deteriorated forest ecosystem 


The reforestation project will allow us to restore the Millemont forest (Yvelines, near Paris), affected by the 1999 storm and never completely reforest since then. Thus, the trees plantation will help the rebuilding of a forest from the Île-de-France region and the recovery of the "green lung" of the area!




L'association Vivre le Quartier Latin est l'association du Quartier Latin de Paris, organisatrice de la Course pour le Climat, elle s'est notamment donnée pour mission de valoriser le patrimoine naturel du quartier et de sensibiliser sa population aux enjeux écologiques.

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Merci pour votre énergie qui dépasse largement le cadre du Quartier Latin... C'est comme ça qu'on les aime les assos !! :D