For a Museum of Colours, place of knowledge and wonderment, of culture and life. Help us to make this enormous project grow !


The project

BREAKING NEWS : We had been selected to take part in the IX Color Conference organised by the Gruppo del Colore, in Septembre in Florence !! One more great opportunity for the development of the project : let's reach 4000€ to include this conference fees !


           A museum for the colours. The idea seems interesting and we might be surprised to notice that it had never been fully exploited. This is the challenge in which you could take part ! Thanks for your attention to our approach.              


               A rich and plural topic...

         This is not about a temporary exhibition or a place dedicated to children’s discovery ; it is about an institution of which walls and spaces are entirely dedicated to the presentation of colours in the multiplicity of their aspects, and of the knowledges and cultural and social associated referentials. We wish to create a space allowing to welcome different permanent expositions and installations linked to this theme.

        Universal, interdisciplinary and timeless, colours interferes in numerous aspects of our environment - heraldry and religion yesterday, clothings, urbanism and design today - as well as in «hard» sciences - pharmacy, biology, physics or chemistry - and in human and social sciences. This constitutes a rich whole of knowledge of a very diversified nature.       

       Colours takes an essential place in different disciplines, but are also part of the common human patrimony : colours shape our world and its cultures.  


             ...For a unique museum


       Thus, this museum adresses everyone. Dedicated to be set in a European capital city, its influence and its international calling would attract tourists and partners from all over the world. The challenge of this museum consists in organising colours and their knowledges into images and perspectives ; the goal is to show in what extent colours can also be seen as a link between arts, sciences but also the everyday life. Here is a schematic glimpse of both main parts of this museum, as pictured in a first time : an exhibition crossing the Histories of different disciplines, and then a section developing general themes presenting the colours in a contemporary frame.




          Within two or three years, we will build a diversed team - including colours’ researchers as well as professionals of museums (designers, scenographs, architects...). Thus, we will be able to set a mid-term calendar and a business plan until the opening of the Museum, but also to elaborate a working chart that would guarantee the viability of the project on the long term. Private and public partnerships will then support the concrete aspects of this undertaking. 
In the same time, we will develop the intellectual and didactic contents of this museum and finding a location to set the first real stones of this edifice.    


For any question :


        They already support us :


La Fédération Française de la Couleur (The French Federation for Colours), via


Bruno Goyeneche - Architect, colorist consultant ; President of the FFC-Fédération Française de la Couleur ; Member of the National Council of Architects.    

Jacqueline Carron - co-founder of the Academy of Colour ; painter colorist ; graduated of the Fine Arts School (St Étienne).

Philippe Carron - Painter, sculptor, colorist consultant ; Member of the Artists’ House ; Vice-president of the FFC-Fédération Française de la Couleur - Graduated in Economics (Paris).

Michel Albert-Vanel : Founder of the FFC-Fédération Française de la Couleur, honorary teacher of the National School for Art Déco ; former responsible of the theme “Light” at la Cité des Sciences, La Villette, Paris.


L'Académie de la Couleur, Marie-Pierre Servantie

, architecte coloriste, co-fondatrice et présidente de l'Académie.


Philippe Teillet - Senior lecturer in political sciences at the Institute of Political Sciences (Grenoble), master studies director ; responsible of the master speciality “Direction of Cultural Projects” ; National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS).  

Why fund it?

       In a first time, we need a website. Regarding the dimension of the project, it seems coherent to start on a solid base built by a professional. We imagine this site as a participative and collaborative platform, which will be an update base for the project but also to exchange ideas about the ways to give life to this Museum. It represents one thousand euros, regarding the estimate amount.


       Then, this will allow us to take part to the International Association of Colour conference, in Newcastle (8th-12th of July), which is an opportunity not to miss. This will be the chance to present our project in front of many international colours’ specialists, and then to organise a workshop in collaboration with the organisers of the conference, to put our ideas into debate and take advantage of the professionals’ expertise. The fees for such congresses are often out of reach of news professionals means, unless they

are supported by their organisation. Feel free to take a look here:


        We will also take opportunity of being in the United Kingdom to go to Bradford to meet the members of the Society of Colorists and Dyers (SCD). This organisation had set up a serie of workshops dedicated to children and adults, and would be ready to share its experience and know-hows with us.    


        For two persons - Éléonore or Thibault will join me to support the stakes of this travel - we have :    

- conference fees : 1220€    

- 1 return Berlin / Newcastle : ab. 210€    

- 1 return Paris / Newcastle : ab. 210€    

- housing Newcastle (30€ x 6 nights x 2 pers.) : 360€    

- 2 return Newcastle / Bradford : ab. 180€    

- housing Bradford : 60€          


        Moreover, this campaign is about launching a project, from which results won’t be instantaneous.. We are seeking for parteners involving themselves at our side within time, so that they can also benefit of their investment at more concrete steps of this priject’s realisation.     

Musée des Couleurs

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