Contribute to Lopoli's first release. An electro-folk album where sampling and acoustic recording intertwine in harmony.


The project


Lopoli is a musical project born from the need to express. Express the inside and transform emotion into a wave, a convenient form capable to spread easily and widely. Lopoli can lead to a secret place. It is a journey we make within ourselves. With sounds serving as vehicles, bringing us back to certain emotional states and letting us see existence from a different angle.

Influenced by various musical trends such as folk, blues, electronica, hip-hop and ambiant, lopoli is tracing its way by using pieces of many musicians to build its own identity.


The album title “A New Paradigm” represents an attempt to sense our world by using new tools (both practical and mental). The intermediary of KissKissBankBank allows me to learn about the relevance of this project. It is you, KissBankers, that will decide whether this album should be release or not. For the moment this musical project is personal. But if you like what you’re hearing, it’s up to you to make it exist in the public domain.




Why fund it?


The retrieved contribution will be used to produce the album as follows :


- 2000 € : Mastering, cover design and disc pressing.

- 200 € : Sacem inscription and payment of SDRM rights.

- 200 € : KKBB fees.

- 100 € : Miscellaneous charges (e.g. counterparts delivery costs).





Lopoli is a musical project founded by Vivien Cabrol. An electronic music lover since his young age. Bought an MPC in the 2000's and dove straight into the world of sampling music. Later he discovered american folk music through ethnomusicologist Alan Lomax’s work. This made him decide to incorporate acoustic elements, such as the banjo and harmonica,... See more

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Bonne chance, d'un vieil ami du Viet ;)
Sympas... S'il y en a une très cool je la mettrai au SPA J'ai déjà pas mal d'électro dans ma playlist Bon courage pour la suite
j aime beaucoup ton univers j espère que ça va marcher ;)