Pressing and promotion of the first album " CHEMICALS " , Participate , share , innovate


The project

  For this second opus, I decided to change radically with a turning point in my musical style. I wanted to get closer to the machines leaving away some organic instruments.

  "Chemicals" , is just the opposite of my first E.P "make a sound from Silence"  but it's also the next of it.

The immaterial and net side, reworked and transformed but equally peaceful and ..." chill ".


  Here you can listen a preview with this track from the album.



  More sampling, more machines, more effects, more .... experience.    


  At the outset, the album planned for realesed only at numeric format, but after lot of encouragement and support, I decided to realise a finished complete product.  


This is why I chose you to contribute to assist in the funding of the pressing and the promotion.



Why fund it?

The collected funds will participate to :


- mechanical reproduction rights

- the pressing of 500 copies


But if your generosity is above the limits, the money will be used to fund a first video clip.


MANY thanks for YOUR support.



Echo 6

Created in 2007, this Trip-Hop project takes form in 2009 with the first EP "Make A Sound From Silence" , available on free listening and download. Between Guitars and Sampling, Keyboards and Machines, Echo 6 brings you tripping along unexplored roads, with his sounds experiences as road mates. The first album "CHEMICALS" should release in 2013. With... See more

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Zimbalam soutient ce projet à 100%
trop frais-je kiffe ma vie qud j écoute. ca donne la peche mélancolique enjoy à Montreal mec
keep on my friend :)