Help us to produce our VINYL !


The project

Battle Gun Paper wants to create a world of reflexion, comprehension and expression

                               We stare at life and it calls us … 




Through rock and fuzzy sounds, (intimate, sometimes heavy, but always sincere) we sing about a dream, a will for evasion, energy.                                    



        Listen to one of our future song (soundcloud)



In 2012, we managed to release a 5 song demo (Bite or let go). We gave it a try and still we are in the need to go further. in 2013 "further" means "professional recording" 


                                        That's where you can do something ! :)



Why fund it?

Actually, we'd like you to see this more as a pre-order than a collect.


The funds will help the project to get through the production process, make it available on different discs and platforms. 


        Vinyl (the sound, the object, coup de coeur)  

        CD (limited & promotion edit)

        Online  (itunes, virgin, deezer - Mp3, Flac, Ogg, Wma)




We are in the middle of the recording process with a personal budget (around 1800 €) already invested. But this is just one step, we ask for some help to finalise it.


                  Cost of production (what you'll help for):


  Mix: 600 €

  Mastering: 400 €

  Pressage CD/Vinyl: 1500 €

  Duplication CD: 250 €


  Artwork: 300 €

  Promotion (photos, visuals): 400 €

  Printing: 350 €


  Kisskissbankbank fee (8%) : 304€




We are convinced that a release must be well-done and prepared, that's why we look for a proper promotion plan, and we already booked a tour in march 2014 ! ("2 BANDS 1 TRUCK TOUR" episode II > France,Germany,Czech Republic.)


However, if the funds collected exceed our hopes, the extra will be invested to intensify communication and marketing around the record or increase the amount of copies. (except limited editions)


There will be 200 standard vinyl copies (maybe more ...) and 100 "limited edition" vinyl copies (33rpm)


Digital disc copies will be exclusively produced for KissBankers and the band promotion. I'ts important to notice that when you get the CD through Kisskissbankbank, you get an exclusive limited edition cd. (the amount of copies will depend on the demand).


We believe in our project, helping us is participating to the accomplishment of a dream and a long run work. Thanks for inviting us on your stereo :)




Dans la tête de Georges... du gras. Et c'est enfui dans le désert avec femme et enfant (sa guitare et sa gnole), que le bassiste reconverti braille dans sa retraite du Lemmy, Homme, Garcia et Fallon... Le porc lui reste en travers, et Simon, encore marqué par la fin tragique de l’aventure avec Leitmotiv Pills (Nice), ne cracherait pas sur un petit... See more

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J'espère que d'autres s'y prendront à la dernière minute pour que vous atteignez votre objectif....
Il reste trois jours de campagne, et même si ça sent un peu le sapin, nous vous remercions pour chaque petit geste qui nous aura rapprocher de notre objectif. Vous pouvez continuer a nous soutenir en partageant nos liens sur Facebook ou en votant ( 30 secondes de votre temps ) pour nous ! (infos en page Facebook :)) (peut être que Ricard nous le payera notre disque) ;) THANK YOU !!
Bonne chance! Je croise les doigts!