Please support PRAYER FOR THE EARTH – an art music video. It is a hymn in reverence to Life, Beauty and Humanity.


The project

An artistic and human project


PRAYER FOR THE EARTH is a hymn in reverence to Life, to beauty and humanity. May the call of the music, the lyrics, the dance and the video make our hearts vibrate with hope and love!


In this age of economic, political, cultural, societal, ecological crisis : uncertainty stalks us...fears resurface.


Competition, rivalry, conflict, strife, struggle ensue with the always growing aim of producing always more for gain, profit, spending, possession; these are our present day demons.


Let us mark a pause and reflect.




The return to our Mother...Mother Earth; She who creates, sustains and nurtures Life. The return to the essence, to Nature.


Her contact appeases our suffering. Our senses open up.


Let us find this deep link that connects us to the core values of: solidarity, sharing, respect, cooperation, simplicity and humility.


What is our project?


In the beginning, there was this desire of an actress to be invested in a work in harmony with my values... The urge to defend them and express them through works I am passionate about.


In the beginning, there was willingness to take risks to transcend my limitations... without any training as composer-songwriter, I start creating songs and sing them to people who enjoy them !


In the beginning, there was the need to create and communicate my Vision to the world. I start to self-produce music videos that bring together dramatic art and music.


Have a look here:

And here:

Both videos were in official selection for Disturb Awards, Paris.


Step by step, slowly, I assert myself. I get in touch with other artists. The Team grows and gets bigger...a choreographer, a director of production, an arranger, a choir... There is a strong wish to work within a professional and human Team.


The Dream becomes reality... With respect and enjoyment we move towards a common goal: that of realizing an art music video built around the song “Prayer for the Earth”.


Our team:


Geneviève Khemtemourian










The Choir of Children and the Youth at the Philharmonic Orchestra Brno (Czech Reoublic)



Catherine Braslavsky




musician, singer, arranger for the song


Film director, under consideration


Dominique Gastrein




artistic counseling (a pianist and musician)



Pierre Cendors




supervision and artistic counseling (writer)


Follow our project at:

Why fund it?

To allow us and to give us the means to concretize this project within professional conditions, we need your financial support.


The collected money will be used to :


- finalize the recording, mixing and mastering

- renumerate  artists and technicians

- rent the necessary equipment (machinery, accessories...)

- the post-production

- the distribution


The € 7500 budget will make it possible to launch the project. We call on sponsorship to complete it.


We thank you ever so much for your most appreciated support.


I am an actress coming from Czech Republic. I studied at the Theatre Academy of Prague and traveled through Europe collaborating on various artistic projects (Italy, Scotland, Montenegro, Switzerland, France) and in the US (New York). In 2006 I moved near Paris. I took part to numerous shootings (short movies, series, feature). I am lucky to act with... See more

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Vive la terre et Vive votre projet....!!!
Que la terre entière résonne de la chanson et du projet!
Magnifique projet! Nous nous réjouissons de voir la vidéo!