Support " Projet Noir " ! On the theme " Black is a Color", one week of exhibition, shows, a cabinet of curiosity-shop and a puzzling dinner


The project

From June 10th to June 15th 2014 , Projet Noir takes you on a cultural and festive week on the theme "Black is a Color" including exhibition, contemporary dance , drama play, cabinet of curiosities, shop and special final dinner.

It forms part of the annual "French May" festival  in Hong Kong witch promotes French art in all its forms (theater, cinema, painting, photography, gourmet food, music, dance etc …)  




"Suddenly , we , the moderns , have lost the night "  (Pascal Quignard)


This sentence is the origin of Projet Noir. It is the starting point of a reflection on our relationship with darkness - with this night that we lost - with the pendular blackness that always gave rhythm to our life and that seems to have all but vanished of our modern electric urban every days  lives. We are no longer bask in the ink of the night. We lost its load of silence, peace, bestiality, creativity, mystery, sensualism…

We lost its color.

Black is the ideal cloak of austerity (monks, dark frocks of the bourgeoisie of the nineteenth century), the definitive statement of luxury (tuxedo or caviar) but also the summons images of misery (soot, grime, coal mines). Black is contradictory, mysterious. It is the before and the after, the sea and the sky. 

It is the night.

Black is multiple, magical, powerful. It scares & it attracts.

Black is not innocent.


The idea germinated, then came the impetuous desire to work with this raw matter, for a meeting with this lost dark , for a search for artistic forms which would allow us to think the night, to evoke the after-evening, to taste the dark.

Projet Noir , through exhibition, dance show, drama etc… offer an exciting ballad in search of  the beauties, the secrets, the pleasures and the symbolism of the Black, of the Night.


All the events will come to life, meet and overlap in a same beautiful place located in the arty district of Sheung Wan on Hong Kong island.




Opening night with all the artists, drinks, performances


On Tuesday, June 10th from 6 to 9 pm, Projet Noir opens its doors. 

One will discover the displays with drinks & amuses-gueule, dance performances,

graffiti artists live & meeting with actors, dancers and all Projet Noir artists.



Christophe BONACORSI, Fabrice MICHEL, Erick DESHORS, Adrien DANTOU,




Exhibition of Christophe Bonacorsi painting


Christophe Bonacorsi lives and works in Paris. His studio in Montreuil overflows with his black production. 

Working this unique and captivating deep matt black, he seeks, infinitely, the meaning, the weight & the raw matter at the core of us.

limbs, faces, dogs vanish and reappear in his black universe, matt and radical.




"The work of Christophe Bonacorsi is unique in the obsessive consistency of its approach and the unapologetic violence of his representations. There is no attempt to soften the blow. 

Pursued in isolation, this process is guided by its rigor, its fierce rejection of any concession to taste or civility. Completely  autobiographical “  

Philippe DagenArt historian, Art critic in Le Monde




"The work of Bonacorsi has a deep inner truth and without apparent seduction, contains a great plastic beauty.” 

Nelly Gabriel Art critic in Sous l’Oeil du peintre, Lyon Figaro.




Drama play “La Nuit Sexuelle” (french with english subtitle)  


direction : Fabrice Michel

acting  Erick Deshors

dance  Adrien Dantou

adaptation of Quignard's text  Fabrice Michel and Lalie Choffel

music  Arno, Tuxedo Moon, Portishead

co-production  Tu Ying productions & Alice Rensy productions




Pascal QUIGNARD is a French writer. He was awarded the Prix Goncourt (2002) for The Wandering Shadows. He is a prominent voice in contemporary French literature and his prose widely studied.





Let us not talk much about what we will see and hear here.

Let the mystery mellow our pleasure.

Just know that this is a journey into the night

where everything is at stake, the true place of the founding act of life.

Where impulses that give life and death move freely. 

Where we come from and where we return tirelessly. Where we love.



Dance shows



With them let us go back into the soft and warm darkness before life

Where we all started

Let us walk in the calm or jittery darkness of our every nights

Where we all dream

Let us face the mysterious and infinite darkness of the after

Where we all rest.

Let the dancers express it.

Their night.


“Black Potential”

artistic collaboration  Adrien Dantou, Yang Hao, Alice Rensy,

performers Adrien Dantou, Yang Hao 



created & performed by Laura Aris


"Cualquier Mañana" & "The Matches"

created & performed by Laura Aris & Alvaro Esteban


co-production  Tu Ying productions & Alice Rensy productions  












Cabinet of Curiosities


Display of unusual objects: discover, admire -and acquire- shells, stuffed animals, horns, skeletons, photographs, minerals, books, jewelry, tableware, etc…






Black dinner


The last day a puzzling gourmet black food dinner is held for food enthusiasts, art lovers & black addicts. Inspired from a Georges Perec novel and developed by our team, this unique dinner is an opportunity to experiment the curious association of black & food, to enjoy the flavour of Black.

Laura Aris & Alvaro Esteban will perform «The Matches» before the dinner.

The two of them, as well as all the artists of Projet Noir will share the dinner with the guests.






The Team


Lalie Choffel production, artistic direction


Alice Rensy co-production, choreography


Christophe Bonacorsi  paintings!christophebonacorsi/c1a0c

Fabrice Michel direction

Erick Deshors acting

Adrien Dantou dance

Hao Yang  dance

Laura Aris Alvarez  dance choreography

Isabelle Annet  stylism

Alvaro Esteban dance choreography





Projet Noir

Lalie Choffel / (852) 6906 2330 - (33) 06 72 90 11 76



Alice Rensy / (852) 69089048




Why fund it?

This crowd funding is launched to allow us to close the financing of the exhibition and both shows of Projet Noir, the total budget of which is 37,100 euros.


Today the financing is assured at the level of 71% thanks to :

- Tu Ying productions

- Alice Rensy productions

- Our partners

- Tickets and derivatives planned sales


Another 10,800 euros are needed  (29 % of the budget) so that the Black Project can be held.

It is a little (we are ready-made of the purpose) but still many (we reached our limits).

That is why we decided to launch this KissKissBankBank campaign.  


Thank you for your donations which will allow this unique week to take place so that Projet Noir can take the largest amount of people in the heart of the Night.


Each and every donation will be greatly rewarded (reward list specified in right column, photos not contractual)





Marvel ! It would allow us to initiate the negotiations to plan the coming of the Black Project in Paris then Marseille in autumn, 2014.



BUDGET (Simplified) 


Sound design “La Nuit Sexuelle" = 600 € 

Music composition "Because the Night" = 500 € 

Payroll (6 artists, 1 technician, reception staff ) = € 13,500 

Pocket expenses = 1000 € 

Place rental = € 6,000 

Furniture rental = 1500 € 

Artists transport = 3000 € 

Paintings transport = 800 € 

Insurances = 1200 € 

Decor “La Nuit Sexuelle" = 1000 € 

Decor "Because the Night" = 1000 € 

Styling, Costumes = 800 € 

Staging Curiosity Cabinet = 1000 € 

Opening + Private party fees = € 1,400 

Manufactured products = 1000 € 

Visa terminal services fee= 500 € 

Communication, Press = 1500 € 

KissKissBankBank Commission + bank charges = 800 € 


TOTAL = € 37,100


Tu Ying Productions

Alongside her never ending work with photography, Lalie Choffel explores since the 80’s various aspects of the art world. From 1987 to 1992 she manages the shop "The Object Alive" (trading objects of art brut and sights) in Paris where she opened a restoration of paintings worshop in 1992. From the late 90s she moves to the management of cultural... See more

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