Help us for Palette à tout (Pallets for everything). Everything for customize, everything to transform for decoration and furniture.


The project

One idea, one concept, A lifetime commitment came from the last 10 years


During 10 years, I was on incapacitated for work, and I make it a point of honor to keep physical activity in order to start work again.


Now, I'm enable to have a new medical treatment, so I start physical activity to be able to work again.


Then came the question to looking for work.

In french job-center, people in front of me asked me : “What can you do after 10 years of inactivity?”


In front of this discouraging and demotivating people, I took the decision to start my own business,to make furniture and things from pallets, and to renovate items of every day life into useful and decorative objects.


I developed a real pleasure to stay in working life to fix up thing that I find, and I want to benefit everyone.


The aim of this company is to make modular and adaptable furniture at very low prices with pallets.


The other aim is to give a second life for things by transforming things suitable for your lifestyle, such as legacy items that you do not know what to do.


I would work in partnership with "Emmaüs" association to customize recover furniture and find items in order to divert this items


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A second life for things, a second opportunity, a new start.


Why fund it?

Thanks to you generosity, the money will allow me to buy necessary professional tools to pallets transformation and have a positive attitude from banks and french government agencies supporting projects related to recycling.


Here is picture of example of furniture that I made.






And here is pictures of making or furniture in 3D design.



Here is pictures of our idea to make furniture transformation. Old piano become television furniture and old radio found a youth in stereo !!!


Montagepiano   Montageradio


Here is an idea for old coffee grinder




Here is the sumamary of our estimated budget for the start of our business :


office : 7105€ ~ 9750 $US

vehicle : 15395€ ~ 21110 $US

production tools : 10095€ ~ 13850 $US

expedition tools : 2039€ ~ 2790 $US

storage : 905€ ~ 1240 $US

communication, advertising : 461€ ~ 630 $US


Our estimated budget is 36000€ ~ 49370 $US


I'm a pastry-cook, confectioner and chocolate-maker, so I love fine work and I have passion for beautiful things. These are essential elements in this king of business. My illness forced me to change career management. So I made a retraining and it was on maintenance servicing, automatism, pneumatics, hydraulics, general and industrial... See more