My goal, in partnership with the local association Bahay Tuluyan, is to participate in a solidarity action in the social field.


The project


After several years of Scouting, including two years as a Cub Scout den mother (Brownies), I decided to build an international solidarity project. In 2014, I volunteered with the NGO Bahay Tuluyan for one month. During our one-month stay, we organized different activities for the children and we also built two puppet theaters. The highlight of our visit was a weekend outing for all the children from the different centers.



The Bahay Tuluyan Association

Bahay Tuluyan is a NGO in the Philippines working with children to offer them protection, housing and education. It was created in 1987 in response to the growing number of street children in Manila, and is recognized by the Philippine government.

Bahay Tuluyan 's vision is of a world where children's rights are respected and protected in a country where respect for children is a major concern. Children receive care and education adapted to their 'story': maltreated children (physically, sexually or psychologically), abandoned, orphaned, exploited, drug addicts or prostitutes ... Through these three centers, Bahay Tuluyan also offers help to children living in the streets and not enrolled in school, their families, and young pregnant women.







​My goal, in partnership with the local association Bahay Tuluyan, is to participate in a solidarity action in the social field. When I went abroad in 2014 I participated in an initial training program organized by the Scouts and Guides de France. This program was aimed at enabling us to have a better understanding of cultural differences, to adapt to local customs, to be familiar with emergency procedures, how to react in conflicting or difficult situations when being thousands of kilometers from our country, to improve our practice of the English language ...





from Septembre 2016 to May 2017





Manila and Laguna in the Philippines



To do what?


I will live for about nine months in the Philippines, where I will work in partnership with the NGO Bahay Tuluyan.

This association has 3 centers on the outskirts of Manila where it welcomes both children with disabilities, drug addicts, prostitutes, as young mothers or families in difficulty.

Their goal is to help children to be independent and fit into society,

I will participate in activities for children of the different centers (games, sports, gardening, music, weekend camping, hobbies, ...) and participate in the renovation of reception centers (sports grounds, fresco paintings, playground renovation). I will live in one of the centers on the outskirts of Manila for volunteers of the association.




Why fund it?

Your financial support will help build a playground , renovation of reception centers . And school supplies , card packs to play, colored paper , paint , ... i will buy , as far as possible, be on hand to promote the economy.




I study BTS Photography , last year. I am chef aussi Scouts and Guides of France since Two years Cub Brownies (8-11 years). Summer 2014 with my team mates I'm already part of the Philippines pendant five weeks , for our long experiement . We have organized a great weekend and we have built their two puppet theaters . The story of the name Pag-asa... See more

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de belles personnes qui montent un beau projet...
BRAVO les filles! Ponctuelles, Accros, Redoutables, Animées, Déterminées, Inspirées, Superbes! On vous souhaite un beau projet et un super témoignage au retour :)
je vous souhaite de réussir ce beau projet d'aller jusqu'au bout ...nous sommes fiers de vous ;)