Helping to create the #PROJECT ZODIAC: Swimming pools that make Africa the cradle of the zodiac signs. Yes we can !!!


The project


       We are architects, civil engineers and entreprenors who have a vision to make Africa a world of the future. So we took the initiative to launch our first project which is the ZODIAC PROJECT
















         The ZODIAC PROJECT boils on the construction of twelve (12) pools in twelve (12) African countries. Pools designed on the basis of the zodiac signs and equipped with a beautiful design and class.

      Like all signs, they have a constellation, the pools also will be equipped according to its respective sign of the zodiac so that we have during the night view a representation of the constellation that lights up at the bottom. By following a few facilities, flexible fluorescent tubes and light spheres will be recessed basin floor to give the shape of the constellation











- POOLS who will offer a multitude of events to share with family, friends,



- POOLS  who will offer fun and original workshops, age-appropriate,



- User-friendly  POOLS to spend quality time with friends, with family around a good meal, a drink, an event or workshop. - It is also cultural exchange programs















        When we think we see the Tower Effeil Paris, the Empire State Building in New York. Our goal is to ensure that when we think of the zodiac pools, we see Africa in general; virgo gemini etc ... to the country that represents it. We want to boost Africa through these pools of the zodiac connected between it and distributed in twelve (12) countries, by organizing cultural exchange programs with a view to unifying all African peoples.


They will be seen as platforms but in the real, not the virtual.   And finally, contribute to humanitarian aid, we believe that each of the pools have a special escrow account for a period of one year for the sole purpose of intervening in social problems in the region.













             To make the ZODIAC PROJECT, we intend to go to 12 African countries to speak with the authorities if necessary, buy land and build each of the pools. Therefore, we can proceed by stage, one after another. Above - a summary table of phases and planned route


















       the first step is the construction of the pool of Gemini, the construction period is estimated 3-6 months






















Hans Armel Wilfried BILOMBO

Génie civil,initiateur du projet zodiaque








Tencel Hordein Souvena BIABAKAKA

Génie civil








Fragonard Jessica Farah Laila

Commerce et Marketing

Cote d'ivoire




Why fund it?






        This project hugely request background we evaluate to 168.000 euro for the realization of 12 phases, this included airline tickets for the team, living expenses and visa. We realize that harvest this amount will not be an easy thing to do but we have the firm conviction and motivation to follow through and succeed in this challenge.             


We need you, in all of Africa, around the world, join you in this adventure and together make this continent the symbol of a new generation, help us validate the project and see the day.    


   First of all start with Phase 1 of our project which aims to collect 14000 euros.

  The graph above shows how the sum collected (€ 20 000) through this crowdfunding campaign will be used:        









Your contributions will therefore bring added value to the project. That is why we have made sure to make the best all donations by offering interesting contributions.





* If the collection exceeded?



     IF we manage to raise more than € 14000, we will start after the PHASE 1, PHASE 2 of the project in Congo and why not make all phases !!! It is believed, yes we can. For each phase we offer individual counterparties that complement (selection of a counterpart of the previous phase to associate with the current phase)


We are architects, civil engineers and entreprenors who have a vision to make Africa a world of the future. So we took the initiative to launch our first project which is the ZODIAC PROJECT