Edition of a magazine(review) photos in black and white to 350 copies completely dedicated to the Pyrenean forests seen by Bruno Blais


The project

This magazine(review) exists since 2004, dates in which the association the other one (installed(settled) to Auch in the Gers) created him(it). Every number is an artistic adventure bound(connected) to a theme. She allows one or several photographers not published to show their creativity in black and white. This number 8 will be dedicated to the Pyrenean forests seen by Bruno Blais (photographer who also manages the association). In 2010, he(it) published(edited) the first volume of " Pyrenees addiction " in the magazine(review) (the number 6) to 200 copies in which are gathered(combined) dozens of photos of his(her,its) Pyrenean hikes(rides) étées as winter. It was a success in bookshop (of the region because the deposits(warehouses) are made by the association on Toulouse, Auch, Tarbes, Pau and some other towns) and the stock is exhausted.

This second volume in the open size(format) A3 of 64 internal pages (paper Artic) will gather(combine) more than about sixty photos taken exclusively in the Pyrenean forests between 2009 and 2013. Extracts of texts of the writer André Gide (pulled(fired) by his(her) book "Nourritures Terrestres") will carefully be inserted among photos; a deliberate artistic choice because we like crossing literature and original images of one or several authors in every project (I made him(it) in 2012 with the writer Kafka and 4 photographers). We would like to publish(edit) this work in a minimum of 350 copies because the project should please the nature lovers, the persons concerned by the environmental protection as well as the black and white fans of the photography and its creative and poetic strength

Why fund it?

The purpose of this collection is to make an estimation of the sensitive persons for this independent approach(initiative) (the magazine(review) has never received any subsidy since its creation in 2004). She(it) will serve to buckle(curl) the edition(publishing) of the project (estimated(esteemed) at 2300 TTC), to have a quality of paper and impression(printing) (because the two-color process and the three-color process in printing office are very dear(expensive) and at the moment inaccessible in the annual budget of our association). The sale of this work will allow to prepare also the budget 2014 of the association and to envisage another number of the magazine(review).


The association the other one was created in 2004 to Auch in the Gers. Dedicated to the artistic photography, she(it) publishes(edits) her(its) own magazine(review) in black and white and organizes collective exhibitions(exposures) (the latest turns(shoots) at present in the Gers, it is about an exhibition(exposure) gathering(combining) eight... See more

Newest comments

Bravo pour ce projet. Avez-vous envisagé une réédition du volume 1 ? (je ne dois pas être le seul à vouloir la collection complète...)
Très beau projet, c'est un plaisir de participer!
Vivement que la somme soit atteinte pour notre plus grand plaisir d'avoir la revue entre les mains!