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The project

when a camera is dying 


Hello to everyone,


My name is Stéfan Bourson, I came at photography as a passion in liking photography workshops for children and adults around the lab black and white. Very quickly, absorbed by my passion, I started making it my vocation in specialising myself in fashion and beauty photography. Not being commercial in the soul, I survive in this vocation trough passion and realizing some order intakes per year in publicity and giving classes every month for structures like << stagephotoparis.fr>> or for individuals.











Like you probably doubt, the job as photographer isn’t one of the easiest. Even if I’m lucky to exercise every day my passion, this activity isn’t one of the most lucrative and sadly, the hart truth came knocking on my door: my camera is dying. And today I can’t foresee her replacement, and continuing to run this technology race without a helping hand.







I hoped to only have to change the housing and to still use my old camera lenses who are older than 15 years, sadly after an encounter with Canon, it came to my knowledge that my old camera lenses weren’t <<really compatible >> with 5DSR; roughly, the 5DSR has a rigorous quality of technologically execution, that my old camera lenses would prevent to exploit those surprising possibilities.




This is why I throw myself in this project with this Kisskissbankbank; in compensation, I offer you what I can do best, my time for some shots or for a workshop, a page of links on my internet site whose good referenced on Google, or some printings of photos presented above, It depends on your wishes like presented in the compensations.

Why fund it?


The base is simple, everyone can participate with the mean at your disposal in order to provide my new equipment.



The fundraising will help me to have a base to work for beauty photography, an indispensable tool in order to work:


·         A Canon camer EOS 5 DSR: 3900€

to come with:

·         His 100 macro Seri L: 1000€


If I exceed the goal:


In exceeding the goal, I could go above the beauty photography in other types of images.


·          With an 24-70 mm 2.8: 2000€

·          And an 70-200 mm 2.8: 1100€


In order to realize that dream, I made the choice to go trough the platform  Kisskissbankbank in order to show that this project is real; its management is supervised by an specialized website who of course has its expense (8% of the obtained amount).


Now, I hope everything is clear for you and that the compensations for you please you and that they motivate you to follow me.


here all the picture available for Print




Comme je n'aime pas trop parlé de moi, voici une bio écrit par un magazine y a quelques années : "1972, Creil dans L'Oise, naît un passionné de la photo Les trois mots qui lui correspondent le plus sont: créativité, curiosité, humanité. Cet homme, pas fan des études, mais d’ une intelligence perceptible s’aperçoit que l’informatique est une voie en... See more

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Allez Stéfan ! tes stagiaires méritent de connaître et comprendre les avantages (et les limites) de la très haute définition. Il faut que tu sois leur cobaye :-) !!!! Et plus sérieusement, ton talent aussi, il mérite les meilleurs outils... bon courage !
Content de pouvoir vous aidez car ces tellement chere le matériel photo, et ces tellement agréable de voir vos clichés que ces avec plaisir que j'ai participé au projet bonne continuation
J'espère de tout cœur que mon apport aidera ta collecte à aboutir, même si ton domaine mérite quand même beaucoup mieux qu'un 5D. En attendant, je suis prêt à te faire essayer de vrais boîtiers professionnels, avec de vraies optiques...