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Hi everyone ! We are Anne-Sophie and Aliseta ! We are two graduates of Atelier Chardon Savard where we created a year-end collection that was shown during the 2014 annual fashion show of the Cirque d’Hiver. Our collection made an impression and allowed us to get in touch with a lot of professionals of the fashion scene.




« But then why not ? »


While keeping the concept we established during our school research, we started to develop our brand « Racailles à Versailles ».


« Why Racailles à Versailles ? »


The name Racailles à Versailles (« Thugs » in Versailles) came from a joke during the viewing of our theme before the fashion show. We had to find a name evocative enough to make everyone understand the brand spirit, it was still a theme at that moment.

Getting inspiration from historical periods and facts has always been one of the main threads of our creation process, but the best thing we could do to make it more substential was to confront it with a completely different universe.

The Royalty theme came by itself, more specifically the rococo and baroque. The « Bad Boy » image was already in the brand’s spirit because of our diverse inspirations. The name of the brand came to us as en evidence as it combines both universes and is very easy to remember.




« What is the brand’s idendity ? »


We want to shake the codes and mix them all. Nowadays clichés and prejudices barely exist, we are here to illustrate them through our creations and our universe. Beyond that, we also want everyone to be able to channel their own personality through our brand. This is why we will settle a customization service for all the pieces of the collection (personal quote following the request).


If we get our inspiration from the street, it’s to be able to dress it.


Why fund it?

If we use KissKissBankBank, it’s because beyond the creative, administrative and juridistic aspect, we really lack the financial part. Financing is the last little push we need to run this project.


Nothing could please us more than launching our very first collection as a street wear brand.


We craft the totality of the clothes and accesories we sell at our atelier close to Paris ourselves. First of all we need help to buy fabrics and little furnitures and we need 2500 euros for that. With this amount of money, 1100 euros will be used to buy raw fabrics. 700 euros will be used to craft an original lining that will get printed in Portugal and imported to France. 300 euros will be used to buy small furnitures (zippers, buttons…). The 400 euros left will be used to create our jewelry, make some customized pieces, buy swarovski jewels, semi-precious stones…


If we reach 4000 euros we will be able to invest a bit more in the communication and events around the brand like special parties, showroom and other private sales (to which you will, of course, be gladly invited !)

1000 euros will allow us to set up a showroom recreating an atmosphere that matches totally Racailles à Versailles. The 1000 euros left will be put in all the organization around the creation of our lookbook including a photoshoot (rent of a studio, creative team) and final printing.


Jeunes créatrices de marque sportswear haut de gamme: Racailles à Versailles.

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Contente de voir que ça progresse bien, vous tenez le bon bout! J'ai partagé un max, sur FB et à mes contacts.
Bon courage à toutes les deux. Je suis avec vous.
Suerte chicas !