Be part of an exciting "return to the future" and the advent of a brand new collection of fashion accessories.


The project






The chocolate paper concept  first came into life as an aluminum foil chocolate wrapping paper



From chocolate paper to isothermal fabric


Back to 1976,  "Souvenirs du Futurs" inventor Philippe  – an ultimate chocolate lover himself  -  had the idea to convert this chocolate wrapping material into an isothermal fabric.


Starting from scatch, Philippe laboriously went through various processes to finally eloborate a unique fabric which could be used for many applications on an industrial level.


After a huge success during the 80's, the product went to a sleeping mode - which is quite usual for any new inventions as trends only last for so long and are quite unpredictable.


Today, Philippe sensed that it was past time to revive the concept and give it a bright new future. And so the "Papier chocolat" project is in the air again.

Product description




Product description



“Papier chocolat” is a non-woven, insulating,  waterproof and practically tear-proof material











We start with six colors : gold and silver (shiny or matt), navy blue and green, and will progressively introduce other colors : fuchsia, emerald, pink, red, orange, peach, black, mauve, brown, silver blue, fluorescent green and turquoise.






The first productions will focus on everything related to fashion and should be released in March/April 2015.


The first collection will include a range of  bags and acceesories such as backpacks, handbags, sports bags, travelling bags, and belt bags, clutch bags, make-up kits and tablet cases.



Img_2943-1421161720    Img_2940-1421161754


Img_2941-1421163221    Img_4534-1-1421164225







Next will be a re-edition of jackets, anoraks and ski suits.

Below are some pictures of models made in the 80’s.




Img_1835-1421164518   Img_1836-1421164545    Img_1839-1421164580







Finally a shoe line involving an international brand will be developed and added up.


Other Applications


The use of “Papier chocolat” thermal fabric is not limited to the fashion area.

The unique insulating properties of the material can be used in many applications in several industrial aereas



Other concepts and products


-  "The Big American Dream" - a three-dimensional comics trip on display in a few museums.


                                      Img_1331_copie-1421159480   Img_1301_copie-1421159556






-  a photoluminescent fabric called «lueur dans la nuit» meaning «glimmer in the night»








-  jewels and tattoo stickers









- decorative flooring,  wall coatings and furniture coatings (




Img_1855-1421159630   Img_2613-1421161414   Img_2681-1421161433



Why fund it?


To help revive the product and create new models and applications for this unique and timeless fabric reflecting the brightness of the stars.






The funds will help us to finance :

- the purchase of the raw materials at a cost of 3.800€

- the realisation of  prototypes and  pattern at a cost of 900€

- the production 1000 items at a cost of 9.800€


All money collected in excess of the total amount will be used to finance the exhibition of the products in international shows and fairs.


Thank you for your interest and much needed help!








Philippe : inventor, creator, designer. Through the brand « Souvenir du Futur » Philippe expressed his creative mind as a precursor and trensetter - well aware of the right balance between dreaming and keeping his feet on the ground. These two apparently opposite facets foster the development of an exciting new world of concepts and ideas brought to... See more