Support partnership of the orchestras VMP (Paris) & OSD, (Auvergne) for the " France-Israel Crossed Year".


The project

The Vox Musicorum de Paris and the Symphonic Orchestra des Dômes collaborate on a big project for the “France-Israel Crossed Year”. It will consist of a marathon of six concerts and a symposium during three consecutive days in Clermont-Ferrand, with remakes in Paris and in the regions. The marathon will be directed by the Israeli conductor Ada Pelleg.




The first step will be an invitation of musicians from the two orchestras for a one-week academy in Israel, next October, in order to enable them to know each other and work together, in collaboration with Israeli musicians and choirs. 





The State of Israel will ensure hospitality for the invited musicians during their stay, but their flights should be taken in charge in France. As both orchestras are associative structures, they needed to find a way to finance this cost.



The pianist Jérôme Rigaudias will give a concert on May 28th 2016 in the Clermont-Ferrand Opera, in support of the project. The entire income of tickets sale will be consecrated to the flights of the musicians to Israel. Our project of fund-raising will complement it, in order to allow all concerned musicians to participate.


Why fund it?


The funds collected will serve to buy flight tickets for eight musicians (the academy is opened for 25 musicians from the two partner orchestras.





The pianist Jérôme Rigaudias regularly gives concerts in France and abroad (Rome, Krakov, San Francisco…), keeping a balance among recitals, concerti and chamber music. Alongside traditional programs (Rachmaninoff Concerto N° 2, Shostakovich Concerto N° 1 …) Jérôme Rigaudias also plays in unusual places: He played in a prison, on a platform of a train... See more

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Bravo Jérôme ! Tous mes voeux pour un merveilleux concert.
Bravo pour cette initiative ! Tous mes vœux de succès.
Je vous souhaite un merveilleux concert!