March 12 th, on Thursday Salle Cortot Récital Jerome Rigaudias


The project

 Mars 12  french pianist Jerome Rigudias gives Salle Cortot in Paris a piano recital, proramm  Beetoven Brahms Moussorgsky.

Why fund it?



collective Arietta would like to get a promotional video of the cncert, with a live recording. The cost of the video / audio captation is 800 euros. As we are close from the date of the recital, Arietta expects  the kiss kiss bank bank project to reach 500 euros.

Collectif Arietta

Collective Arietta is an ensemble of musicians from different cultures and countires- Belgium Turquey Italy Georgia Israel France ...they organize projects, concerts, events, conférences, intallations, recordings etc...and more generally the collective work to facilitate inter-cultural and inter-discplines cultural and artistic exchanges. Some of... See more

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Merci à tous. nous allons avoir un bel enregistrement. RDV le 12 !
Merci de votre soutien, la collecte avance !
la photo dédicacée ET la place de concert pour le 12.....toute l'équipe d'Arietta vous dit Merci !