My objective is to fund a limited edition of my first produced album on CD and Vinyl : Arrows and Corridors. Please help me reach my goal !


The project

As a visual artist, I see music not as a departure, but as a continuation of my artistic practice.


For the past two years I've been working on a record that has involved the participation of more than twenty musicians and artists. Everyone's efforts in this project amount to something worth sharing with others. There is no better way of doing that than dropping the neeldle on some wax, album cover in hand, and letting  Arrows and Corridors speak for itself.


I invite you to participate in the final stages of the project's realization, and to be the first to listen to my new album.


In the meantime, here's a taste of what's to come :



Thank you, Reeve


Why fund it?


The funds will be used for pressing, printing and packaging CDs and Vinyls. The CD is comprised of 13 songs, for a total length of 45 minutes. Maxi Vinyl has 4 selected songs with a code to download the full album.


for 500 CDs : 1000 euros

for 300 Vinyls : 1500 euros

mastering for Vinyls : 500 euros


3000 euros is the minimum to make it happen. If we exceed our goal, the funds will be put towards touring the album.

Reeve Schumacher

Artist and Musician. Born in Minneapolis, US. I spent 10 years in Miami. I now live in Arles, in the south of France, with my wife and my 3 year-old son.

FAQ Questions about the project

+ where can i see Reeve's art ? / ou voir les oeuvres de Reeve ?

+ Combien de chansons sur l'album ? / How many songs on the Album ?

Il y a 13 chansons sur le CD (45 minutes) et 4 chansons sur le Maxi Vynile. Le Maxi Vynile est accompagné d'un code qui permet de télécharger l'ensemble de l'album.
13 songs on CD / 4 on Maxi Vynil that comes with a code to download the full album.

+ Quand est-ce que l'album sera disponible ? / when the album would be available ?

Le CD sera disponible dès le 1er Juin - pour le concert de Reeve au Cargo, Arles. Le Maxi Vinyle est disponible mi-juillet.

CD available from June 1st - for Reeve concert at Cargo, Arles. Maxi vinyl available mid-july.

Newest comments

Bravo et bonne réussite pour la suite de vos projets
Plus que 150 Mel réécrit d'ici 4 jours si besoin je vais faire de la pub. Mieux vaut tard que jamais. Bises
Hey Reeve, I'm really digging the vibe in the songs posted online, man. Hope to see you're show here in Arles city to celebrate this successful project ! 80 % Allez ! à vos souris, nous y sommes presque ! ++Damien