Be part of THE project that takes into account the talent of refugees artists: painters, musicians, calligraphers, sculptors… Be surprised!


The project


Refugees got talent is the child of unlikely encounters! In January 2016, somewhere between Belgium, Peru and Iraq, was born the desire to forge links between those who came, those who left and those who remained. We are all migrants in one way or another. Because the link is the encounter itself, the life, the peace.


Refugees got talent was created by Aurélie Beer, Belgian artist living in Peru; Julie Artus, a psychologist from Liège living in Brussels; Mustafa Falleh and Ahmed Fawaz, Iraqis refugees as well as English teachers and by Sophie Querton, from Brussels in professional migration, specialist in Communication. To add more diversity, later on joined the team Irene Peñas, a Spanish living in Brussels graduated in Law and Political Sciences.






Art is a way to express, to challenge, to tell, to laugh, to cry, to remember, to forget, to share, to encounter, to meet, to talk to each other, to draw attention to all that life that keeps silent.


Refugees got talent offers the opportunity for refugees and local artists and also those residing in foreign countries to practice their art in an equipped and supervised workshop, twice a week right in the middle of Brussels.






The artists are as well invited to work with other artists, to show and spread their works and meet the public. They participated in many artistic events in Belgium, like “Open doors day at the European Parliament” or to the prestigious showcase of current creativity “We are artists”.


In Autumn 2016, you will discover the artworks in a big exhibition taking place in Brussels. Refugees got talent will keep you posted about it!


Refugees got talent opens its doors for the first time March 12th 2016. Two months after the first workshop, the team of artists of Refugees got talent is formed by around thirty talented, women and men, painters, designers, photographers, calligraphers, sculptors, poets, musicians, actors, singers, dancers… coming from Syria, Iraq, Azerbaijan, Iran, Kurdistan, Morocco, Italy, Spain, Belgium.




And now... meet some of the artists:


Chinara, 24 years old, Azerbaijan.




Chinara is a young surprising women, she speaks other languages apart from her mother tongue perfectly French, English, Russian and Turkish. Very diverse artist, Chinara knows how to use paintbrushes, pencils, camera or photoshop. Chinara is as well a dancer and is fully integrated in the very masculine team of refugees got talent. Due to her talent others respect her.  


Maher, 58 years old, Iraq.




Maher was a calligraphy teacher at the School of Fine Arts of Mosul. His work is endless and he is a very complete and diverse artist, he is capable of teaching calligraphy in few hours. He paints very diverse and striking works of art.


Bilal, 22 years old, Iraq.




Bilal is passionate about cars and urban art. He draws graffiti, his art is very huge. His work of art is full of innocence and at the same time of realism. Bilal is very advanced in his integration process, he has learnt Flemish and has been ask to work as a mechanical.  


Zaïd, 27 years old, Iraq.




Zaid has escaped his country because he couldn’t play guitar anymore. He is very comfortable with occidental costumes, and he is in his element in Brussels. Self-taught man, he plays and teaches perfectly guitar and he is the leader of musicians of Refugees got talent. 

Why fund it?

Refugees got talent needs funds to carry on!


The crowdfunding campaign aims to provide for at least  5 different needs:


- Firstly, purchasing of artistic material such as pencils, paintbrushes, paints, canvas, paper, ink, soil, clay, glue, plaster…

The estimated budget is 4000€/year.


- Secondly, purchasing musical instruments and the renting of material for the concerts (microphones, amplifiers, mixing desks…) organized by the musicians of Refugees got talent.

The estimated budget is 2000€/year.


- Thirdly and very important, we need money for transport! The artists of Refugees got talent lived in centers for asylum-seekers, all over Belgium. Indeed, Belgium is a little country, nevertheless, most of artists need train and bus tickets to join the workshop twice weekly in Brussels. Transport round-trip tickets cost a little fortune to our project! We are hoping to make a deal with the Belgian transport company, SNCB, but currently, we have nothing yet!

The estimated budget is 4000€/year.


- Fourthly, providing to the daily basis functioning of the projects, in other words, payment of volunteers for their help during the workshop, organization of meals, drinks, phone calls, car displacements, administrative costs, printing, photocopies, etc.

The estimated budget is 3000€/year.


- Fifthly and lastly, is to prepare the exhibition at Autumn 2016.

The estimated budget is 3000€.


If the crowdfunding exceeds 15000€...


We will be able to hold art therapy sessions for the artists, who, in most cases and because of their refugee status, are in a state of post-traumatic stress. 

The estimated budget is 3000€/year.


We will also rent a larger space to host the workshops.

The estimated budget is 10000€/year.



Refugees got talent

Are you also affected by the refugees crisis since few months? Are you also wondering how to help ? Participating in this project is the opportunity to support concretely refugee artists . At Refugees got talent , we are convinced that offering opportunities for artists to practice their art (without censorship), is the best way for them to build a...

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Quelle chouette initiative, pleine de vie, de partages, de rencontres, de simplicité et de créativités variées! MERCI et plein succès en co-construisant un monde plus interactif et tolérant !!! Faby