Exchange of experiences between young people and professionals of History, Art and Sport for the Knowledge and the expression of themselves.


The project

Regards Croisés, It is the meeting of about twenty young people ( 15 - 22 years) with historians, philosophers, sportsman and artists photographers. The main aim of the project is the confrontation of experiences, stories and identities.

To give to the young people, the desire to look for themselves, confide and thus have a better understanding of their surrounding and of their own place in the society. 


How at the end of the Second World War these small villages became urban suburbs?

Is there a link between Clichy, Colombes and Montfermeil? And to where they can go back on the history of their cities? 




Beyond any prejudices, the young people learn to exchange and to discuss for a mutual enrichment.




Last article of our media partner

Le Parisien of Monday, April 15th, 2013



Article of the Parisian of February 16th, 2013 "First meeting " to Clichy / Montfermeil:





Throughout the program of these meetings, the young people as well as the godfathers, sponsors, the godmothers, the partners, the artists and the participants are looking for their identity, by drawing from the family roots and with regard to their own culture (Music, Art, Heritage from here and there attached to the History of France).






Phase 1


Since the beginning of the year, we visit patrimonial places of their city with the aim of starting questioning on the other one.




We learn to know each other.

The young people present us their works developed with the historians, their reflections and it’s the beginning of a lot of debates and questioning …




We shoot, we think of image to communicate on our personal and common universes.

It is here that the initiation into the pleasure of the photography begins.




Our Objective of the Phase 1


Go at the end of these workshops ( researches+ photos) for the beginning of the summer holidays.




Phase 2


Our first group of young people transmits the history and develops with the supervisors of the project of the new Regards Croisés in three suburbs this summer.





This phase of transmission was born from the craze of the other young people of the district.




Phase 3


To restore the adventure Crossed Looks, the young people will present at the beginning of the school year a photographic exhibition beside professional artists as JR.


Soon the news !






SO, Convinced ?


You citizens from here and there, young and less young, men and women, help us to develop this human project, in search of the transmission of the origins and the respect of cultures.


Help us to share with our young people as it is proper, to think better, create and grow together.




“Learn…See and see again…Testify, by moment, by the image, by the paper...


Go to meet the other one... This other one... Never known...


Go in search of his history, his culture, his secrets...


When the Other one becomes one...


When the Other one becomes mirror... because…


Other one goes in search of your history also, your past, present and future...“


                                                                      Association cultuturelle AMC



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© Gounédi Traoré : “avant,après“

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Why fund it?

To get to the exhibition phase we need YOU!


For the photo equipment, the development of the editions, the place of the exhibition, the communication...


For the quality needed to the development of their project.


We are many to participate to these workshops, and today the association has to develop to meet the expectations of each and support the desire and the curiosity of the young people.



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