Participation / Exhibition at the international Artists in the World Fair in Cannes from September 25 to 28 2014.


The project

My project outline


The Artists International Fair is held from 25 to 28 September in Cannes.


The event is sponsored by Mrs Marina Picasso (Pablo’s grand-daughter).


The organizing committee lease exhibition stands to artists who want to display their works.

The location also provides :


- Publication of pretige portfolio on hardback, shining paper, of  works selected by the artist himself.

- Advertising on mass media and on the internet.

- Cocktails on the opening day and awards ceremony at the conclusion.


It is a golden opportunity for any artist who wish to broaden his contacts and gain notoriety.


I hope to drive through France to reach Cannes on September 24, set up my works and stay over for the exhibition period, sharing my paintings with as many visitors as possible before returning home and packing away my works.


All this will be possible only thanks to your generous participation.


I thank you in advance with all  my heart.



Here are some of my canvases that I wish to display at Cannes:

























Directly from my studio:




More making-of :        


A few examples from my sketch book …



Why fund it?

Voyage A/R à Cannes en voiture 500€

Hôtel du 23 au 30 septembre    1200,00€

Location stand 2500,00€

Frais divers (dont % à verser au site Kiss Kiss) 800,00€


Si le montant demandé est dépassé, je pourrai envisager d'éditer un catalogue promotionnel à distribuer lors de l'exposition.

Jl Boccar

Jeanlouis Boccar, French by his mother, was born in 1963. He was initiated into the art of the image by his father, director of photography. Self-taught, he began oil painting in the ‘80s. Then he exchanged the canvas with the numerical tool for 20 years. He also worked as Art Director for many advertising agencies. He has been involved in the... See more

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Je m'approche du but. Je veux vraiment vous remercier à vous tous qui m'avez soutenu. Là, ce n'est plus le chant des cigales que je perçoit, ni le soleil de la Croisette qui pointe ses rayons mais la porte du Salon des Artistes du monde qui s'ouvre de plus en plus... Les cimaises me la joue séduction. Certes, ce ne sont que des cimaises, mais je pense que je vais les aimer grâce à vous.... Je ne vais pas vendre ma peau d'ours avant d'avoir tué les derniers euros pour clôturer le budget... mais je le sens bien. Je vous embrasse tous
Bonne chance pour ton expo, Ugur
Voilà jeanlouis, chose promise,... Juste eu qq problèmes dans les méandres du paiement électronique ;-) Bonne M.... !!!