Help us raise awareness about housing conditions in the slum of Jacarê in Rio de Janeiro;


The project



In Brazil there is a law which says that if you can prove that you spent more than five years inhabiting an unclaimed lot it belongs to you.

The Jacarê neighborhood in the northern part of Rio de Janeiro was an important industrial area. However for the past 25 years factories have been closing one after another.

On the other hand, for the past 25 years the rate of inflation has been increasing in Brazil, and for the past 3 years it has increased so much that many people can't afford to pay their rent anymore.




Therefore they started to squat in those old factories. The government of Rio de Janeiro is willing to destroy those old factories and replace them with new social housing projects. However this process is taking too long and the people who live in these places get sick easily, have trouble sleeping, or develop mental illness.






The project's initial aim was to enter the old factories and tell the story of each person photographed in order to raise awareness worldwide of their hardships and dispel prejudices about them. These people work, they take care of their families. My Brazilian friend and sociologist Douglas Khayat, who was already working inside the community, would record their stories while I would take their portrait. After creating a blog Douglas Khayat and I decided to publish a book to officially create a hard copy of the project and thereby increase its exposure. We are now counting on you to help us bring this important project to life and show the world that we can make a difference.




Whereas Brazil spent almost 10 billion dollars on the World Cup, we have to show Brazil that its true priorities lay elsewhere and that the government has the power and money to achieve what they promised.



Why fund it?



The money collected will serve to pay for the making of a book in three idiomas of about 200 pages with a format of 29,7x42cm printed at 2000 copies minimum


- Price of the print: 8000 euros

2000 copies printed high quality paper 270gr with a hard cover. Format size: 29,7x42cm. Printed in Black and white.



After reaching 8000 euros, the money will be used for paying the graphic designer, the teachers who will revise the texts, and we will send 1000 copies of the book to Brazil. All the details are listed below:

- Revising the French: 860 euros

                  the English: 860 euros

                  the Portuguese: 860 euros

Every person doing the revision is either a teacher or a translator.


- Graphical Project, preparation of the PDF file: 1196 euros


- Postal Cost for the sending of 1000 copies to brazil : 980 euros




All the pictures and stories are already done. We just need to revise the text in three languages: Portuguese, English and French. I financed my travel there last year, plane tickets, housing, food, the creation of the blog ( and transportation on location. This is not to be financed.

Once printed the book will be distributed to all the protaganists of the project. I will pay for my plane ticket back to brazil, the housing and my transportation.


We count on you,




Pierre Vicarini and Douglas Khayat


Born in France, Pierre started photography very young as a hobby. After studying theater and cinema, he worked for many years as an assistant director for TV and Cinema. After meeting with master photographers in a French studio in Paris ( studio de L'olivier) his life took a different turn. Pierre became a photographer's assistant. In 2010, Pierre... See more