Help us to make aAidez-nous à réaliser et imprimer le premier magazine-livre photographique trimestriel consacré à la photographie contemporaine.


The project

Corridor Elephant is a photography magazine online and a digital publisher. We are the first digital publisher dedicated to contemporary art photography





In the last two years, over 250 artists were showed online and over 60 of them were published in digital ebooks. Our goal is to exhibit upcoming talents from the whole world.


It’s in the same spirit that we are now going to publish a paper magazine called « Nicephore ». Matt and uncoated 115 gr paper, soft cover. Neither too small, neither too big, with full-page pictures. This book-magazine will be available in 51 countries on Amazon.




This quarterly magazine will issue each month 10 photo artists from 10 different countries. Each artist will display 15 to 30 pictures. Each and everyone of them will be  portrayed through an interview in which they will be asked about the artistic approach in their work.


For two years, we have been inviting contemporary photographers, of all ages, to present their work on a digital display. Starting January 2016, and thanks to you, they will also be able to do the same on paper. 


This high quality paper printing will be perfect for collect and keep on a bookshelf just like any other art book.


Among the first artists in the 1st issue :

-       Guillermo de Angelis

-       Damian Siqueiros

-       Francesco Acerbis

-       Mukti echwantono

-       Alesia Gudkova

-       Yasuo Furue

-       Sandro Sardoz

-       Loreen Hinz

-       A surprise guest !


Corridor Elephant is eco-responsible : we don’t want to print more books than we would sell. Wasting paper is useless and costly. This is why we favor selling online which let us print only « on demand ». Thank you for joining us.



Why fund it?

Corridor Elephant is an independent magazine. We voluntarily receive no advertisement or public funding. Your funding is the only source of income for the magazine and your participation today will enable us to publish our first paper issue (layout, printing and promoting included).


Printing :                              1700 TTC

Lay-out :                                850  TTC

Promotion                             750  TTC

Kiss kiss Bank bank fees      288  TTC


If the project is funding over 3600 €, we will use the over funding to create and develop a series of paper books in which each issue will focus on a single artist.


We are hoping many of you will find the project exciting and will follow us on this new art adventure!






*Among prizes, a photographic paper book « Le Cœur Fantôme » by Dunia Ambatlle et Axel Léotard.

Book and object of curiosity at the same time, each reader will walk her/his own way through the pictures or the texts.

This book is a limited series, published only as a prize for this crowd-funding operation.



QUI SOMMES-NOUS ? CORRIDOR ÉLÉPHANT est une association à but non lucratif (loi 1901). Elle a été fondée en 2012 par un groupe d’une dizaine de personnes composé de photographes, journalistes, auteurs, artistes, etc. L’association est domiciliée à Paris mais une grande partie de ce groupe réside en province ou à l’étranger. L’association a pour objet... See more

FAQ Questions about the project

+ What is this « Book-Magazine » Nicéphore ?

Nicéphore is a soft-cover book, printed on 95 gr uncoated and matt paper. It a magazine, that looks like a book !
The whole magazine is dedicated to photo artists. No articles on equipment, no comparative articles, no commercials. We are only showing artists, well known or emerging from all over the world.

The magazine has a perfect size to be taken everywhere with you, to be offered as a gift, to start or complete a collection, …

+ Qui sont les artistes édités ?

Tous les artistes édités dans le magazine Nicéphore, ont déjà un parcours professionnel avancé. Ils sont souvent connus dans leur pays, le numéro 1 de NICÉPHORE présentent des photographes ayant signé pour (Vogue, Elle, Libération, etc... ). Ils présentent ici leurs travaux personnels et parfois professionnels.

+ What will you do if you are funded over 3600 euros ?

We will use the over funding to create and develop a series of paper books in which each issue will focus on a single artist. We will publish innovative artists that are unlikely to be published in “classic” publications.

In two years, the magazine has proven there is demand coming both from artists and from readers. We are glad to try and fulfill this demand.

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