Supporting young people from popular districts all over the word to speak up and makr=e the world a fairer place!


The project

We are not only the future, the men and women from tomorrow. We are the present. It is today that we organise this forum with young people from all four corners of the world.

It is today that we rise to speak.


Jamila, inaugural address of the 1st FIJ




For the past eight years, the ‘Forum international des jeunes de quartiers populaires du monde’ (FIJ), engl. ‘International Forum of young people from popular districts of the world’, has aimed at enforcing young people of the world to reclaim their legitimate space in creating and shaping the political and social structure of our societies. Organized by the associations Quartiers du Monde, Chantier Jeunesse Maroc, Espace pour l’Avenir et Jeunes pour Jeunes, it is one of few events that value the initiatives of young people and promote their ‘empowerment’.


Here you can take a peek at the preliminary programm.





To the young people of popular districts, who usually lack the privilege of travelling, it offers the possibility of meeting fellows from all over the world to exchange their stories and experiences. It creates a space of open debate and exchange in a setting that promotes peace, democracy, diversity and equality and objects to any sort of discrimination. Voluntary interpreters enable the communication among the french, spanish and arabic speaking youth.



This year, the 4th edition of the FIJ will take place in Salé, Morocco. Young people from the popular districts in Morocco, Senegal, Mali, Bolivia, Colombia, Brazil, France, Algeria, Tunisia, Palestine and Canada will meet from the 23 to 25 of october to compare notes and to debate issues of high importance to them, as: possibilities for political participation of young people; gender and gender relations; migration; and economical autonomy. The forum is organized by and for the young people, who spent the past year preparing the different workshops and conferences they will run.


As in the past years, we applied for and received funds from local, national and international organisations to support the event. Unfortunately, we still lack the funding for communication and PR, as well as for accommodation and part of the travel expenses.


Therefore, we turn our appeal to you today: Please help us gaining the complementary budget to make this 4th edition of the forum just as much a success as the editions before!


Support us in empowering the youth of the popular districts of the world!


Why fund it?

We will use the crowdfunding to enable two girls from Brazil to be part of the forum.






Jessica and Helga (you can see them here with their local group of 'barrios del mundo' attending a gay pride parade several years ago) have been vitally engaged in the past editions of the FIJ. Hailing from the popular districts of Rio de Janeiro, they are looking forward to once more speak up to enter the debate and share their experiences. In their quarters, they are engaged with questions of health care access and the fight against all sorts of discrimination. Their attendance matters, and is highly looked forward to. They represent a youth that is committed to shaping a socially and politically fairer world.





To enable Jessica and Helga to participate in the Forum in Maroc, we need 1620 €.

This sum is composed of 2 round-trip tickets Rio de Janeiro-Casablanca

750x2=1500 €

+8% (120 €) commission of KissKissBankBank (How does KissKissBankBank make money?)

=1620 €


Support the forum and help us in financing the flight tickets for Jessica and Helga! Help them to speak up once more for a more just, more democratic society!




And if we gain more?


Besides the plane tickets, we still lack money for the lodging of some of our participants. To reach many local young people here in Morocco to be part of the event and to engage in our mission, we also need a budget for communication, to print posters, programs, flyers etc. The more money we can collect, the further we can spread the word!


Quartiers du Monde

The first Forum des Jeunes took place from 23 to 25 october 2009 at the Maison du Citoyen de Laâyayda in Salé. It brought together more than 150 participants, kids, adolescents and adults, , male and female, arriving from latin-american and african cities and villages of our network, as well as from France, Belgium and different parts of Morocco. he... See more

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Des petites actions (à l'échelle des bouleversements du monde) pour connecter les bonnes énergies et partager quelque savoir-faire cela peut sembler peu, mais c'est déjà ça et c'est déjà beaucoup. Continuez.
Belle initiative, on ne peut qu'essayer de contribuer !