Participate now in the creation of a bespoke wedding dresses line, entirely made by hand, for today's modern and elegant brides!


The project

Valentine Avoh, it's me! But also the name of a dream...


I have always wished to offer today's future brides a selection of modern, romantic and elegant gowns who refect their personnality. This is why I would like to present a collection of customizable bespoke dresses, which will entirely be handmade to inspire each bride to create with me, the dress of her dreams!


- Update 17/11/2013: A Brussels boutique just confirmed me that they would like to have some of my dresses in their store for next season as soon as I'll finish them!!







In love with fashion and photography since my childhood, at the age of 19, I decide to move to London to study fashion design and pattern cutting at the London College of Fashion.


Fascinated by the meticulous hand sewing after working for several designers, such as Alexander McQueen, Alexis Mabille, and Samantha Shaw, I decide to specialized myself in high end fashion.


A few sketches and fittings later, I was making my first wedding dress! This realization was the beginning of my passion for the white dress.




Aside from my love for handwork, craftsmanship and luxurious fabrics, I am passionate about the relationship that arises during the creation of a dress. Each project marks the start of a beautiful friendship.




To bring my project to life, develop my brand and offer a larger selection of choice to my clients, I need to create a complete range.


Thanks to this collection, I will be able to offer each of my future brides, a selection of dresses which they will be able to try in my Brussels atelier. Following their first appointment, they will have the opportunity to choose between three options:


- order a piece from the collection and have it made as it is, to their own measurements.

- order a piece from the collection and have it customized with the addition of sleeves, length, train, etc...

- create together with me the dress of their dream by designing an unique piece.







Fascinated by the 20s-60s women, I draw my inspiration from the old movies and Hollywood's golden age, when glamor and elegance were at their peak!


I do also find my inspiration in the current fashion trends, whether it'd be from the catwalks and red carpets or through the stylish and elegant women I capture every day on my blog.




The fabrics and materials play as well an important role in the creative process. Silks, laces, beads, but also feathers and leathers, I love mixing these differents materials to create a modern, unique and elegant silhouette.




Why fund it?

Your valuable donations will fund the creation of a collection of 10 wedding dresses (in size 36) and their duplicates (1 per dress in size 40) which will allow me to lend some pieces to boutiques and magazines while still holding private appointments and fittings from home.


By funding my project, you will give me the chance to:

-purchase all the necessary fabrics and materials for the production of the 10 models and their duplicates (fabrics, buttons, laces, linings, paddings, etc...)  


Beyond the 9500 euro requested, your donations will be used to further develop the brand Valentine Avoh and will be allocated to:


⁃ the advertising campaign: video and photo-shoot

⁃ the acquisition of advertising spaces in the specialized press

- the launch event

- the participation to one or more wedding fairs in 2014



I thank you all in advance for your generosity, for your support and for giving life to my dream !!!


Please, don't forget to share my page ;-)






Valentine Avoh

Currently head of the studio for MP Coudere, it all started more than 10 years ago... In love with fashion and photography since I was little, it is at the age of 19, that I decided to study fashion design and pattern cutting at the London College of Fashion. Freshly graduated it is among high skilled designers such as Alexander McQueen, Samantha... See more

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Tous nos bons voeux de réussite pour ton projet Valentine, Mauricette et Régine
Je ne crois pas du tout au marige (robe comprise), mais je crois en l'initiative d'entreprise. *** Ruprecht
Wishing you all the best with your beautiful project....YOU DESERVE SO MUCH!!!!!