A creative project, a social research, a journey across Argentina and Bolivia, culminating with a performance in Europe.


Présentation détaillée du projet








Here below you can watch the official documentary movie about the first edition of Weave, where 60 international artists were invited for a ten days-long residency. The three main traits were: extended improvisation practice, living within a temporary community and bringing an abandoned building back to life.




À quoi servira la collecte ?



Alex Zampini is an interdisciplinary artist working with music, filmmaking, photography and performance-art. Inspired by Bruno Munari's view "the more you know, the more relations between ideas you can develop...“, he supports his own eclecticism by the belief that each discipline influences and enriches another. The duality of image and sound became a... Voir la suite

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We made it! You made it for uss! MUCHAS GRACIAS, GRAZIE, THANK YOU, KIITOS! We are here and we lovelovelove you all!
Bella Giardazio, lo sapevo che finivi in qualche angolo sperduto di universo a imbottire di svolte e idee raccapriccianti la tua anima recalcitrante... Ti mando un abbraccio universale e forza Zebra, spassatela bene!
Giant thanks! Suuri kiitos! Grazie molte! All of you KissBankers <3