The project





listening here a CHOPIN nocturne...





In search of lost emotion, she became a photographer , teacher, porcelain painter and creates MAÏA brand du piano a la cuisine ! for diner reservation here!Img_1072-1424183371







Today, Her first Cd is olmost ready, it lacks a participatory and financial assistance for the finish ..


The project finisch , you can listening:


CHOPIN: 4 nocturnes n°1, n°19,n°20,N°21

                 Prélude n°4(inspiration for Gainsbourg)

                 Ballade n°1 et une valse !

LISZT : Rêve d'amour, Un sospiro

DEBUSSY: Claire de Lune

RACHMANINOV : 2 préludes 




To listen :


Frederic Chopin...Nocturne n°1

Frantz Liszt…Rêve d'amour

Frederic Chopin…Nocturne n°20

Why fund it?


♫ The collection will be used for the production, promotion, communication about the work of the pianist Sasha Brodsky. But at the cost of recording studio, design a promotional brochure and lease concert launch in the hall of SUNSET Chatelet in Paris.                  The CD recording is nearly finished, we planned 14 tracks and we have 5 songs to record in the studio the 19th arrondissement in Paris. The studio fee is 3,600 €, 3,100 € we paid, we lack  500 €.






 300 € graphics fee will be used to pay the graphic that gives us a special price to perform the CD sleeve and promotional leaflet (printing costs are offered to us by a friend printer).     Pressing of 2000 copies of the CD C537180448720e4a5122b5c6fb5c3b759cc0da6c-1424182339       To deposit them on sale at FNAC, send in artistic agents, to radios and journalists to launch concert and offer them to investors of this project ... YOU!   The rental of the concert hall 18 am to 21 pm costs € 850, this is a well located room in the center of Paris so easy to get to receive journalists and meet you and spend a great evening!      Fullsizerender__2_-1424181090 The cocktail of the post concert is offered with a big THANK YOU.Champagne-fl_te-1424182415  


         If the budget is reached and that there is more money !!! will be used to re-record a song, paying a press officer to promote and find an agent!  


        And in a world moving collaborative energy I 'love to include you in the production of my next concerts with a% on sales to recoup your entries!   Let's start with the first end and start recording!                                                                               Thank you!    


Her first piano notes to 3 years in early professional training at age 9 with the family of Philippe Entremont (pianist who played for the opening of the Olympic games in China), Ash finds himself at the cutting edge of technology but having lost most "sound", "touch", "emotion". In search of lost emotion, she became a photographer, teacher, porcelain... See more