We need your support for this wonderful project calendar in collaboration with prestigious brand Models Only!


The project

A luxurious nude female calendar on the theme of mermaids performed on the Riviera byXavier Vuillemin, fashion photographer in collaboration with the brand Models Only and a portion of the profits will be donated to ocean conservation society. A photo book is also available as a video clip filmed in surface and subsurface water also with aerial which will be carried out using a drone. A making-of will be in 3D!



Some photos of the photographer:






Small video presentation made ​​by the photographer in Monaco: (french speaking)


Why fund it?

- Cover the cost of photo shoots and filming

- Pay the participating models

- Printing of books and calendars

- Shooting a video clip using a drone

- Management fees and expenses


The contribution is sought is living wage for the entire project was born. If the limit is exceeded it will pay the photographer and models and to donate more money to benefit the conservation of the oceans.


Currently benefits (10%) will be donated to Oceana, an international association for the conservation of the oceans. assocuation this is also supported by Prince Albert (more info here) and parm which many artists: Sting, Morgan Freeman!


Vuillemin Xavier began his career in fashion in the 90s in the group modeling agency PH-One, Absolute and Public be responsible for communication and internet alongside Regis Bleze Pascau who later became director of Elite Model Look contest. Because it was the origin of the first models on the internet and books on CD Rom and consultant to the then... See more