I'm a member of a coworking space in Switzerland which wouldn't send anybody to Coworking Europe Conference 2013. Let's change it!


The project

I've been a coworker for 5 years, in Belgium and Switzerland.

I experienced the Coworking Visa in the US and UK (thanks folks at Canvas Cowork and Shoreditch Works!)




(Curtesy of Manuel Schmalstieg)


The swiss coworking space I'm based in forgot to send someone to Coworking Europe, from Mom. 11th to Wed. 13th in Barcelona.





Unfortunate, isn't it?


Here are my objectives:


1. Remind scepticals you CAN activate a focused community and get things done. Yes, even in Switzerland.


2. Champion this new (well, not for us, but you know) kind of (net)working in Switzerland.


3. Come back to my local community with awesome ideas, practices and innovation and pass the message on.

Why fund it?



We are now in the phase of this project where every single penny you invest WILL be invested by and for the coworking community:


1. 70% for my local ones:


- We need a phone booth




- Better sonic isolation in our meeting rooms

- Chairs

- Map and get to know better all the other mind-alike spaces in Switzerland

- Get our people to Coworking Europe 2014, GCUC...




2. The other 30% to the European Community


10% for Coworking Conference Europe

- 20% for the upcoming crowd-funding campaign for the Coworking Handbook.




It would mean a lot to me if you could get my back and come on board. No dwarves, no magician, no dragon, but a bloody cool journey anyway.


Many thanks!


Professionnel des dynamiques communautaires, embarqué dans une quête pour changer la manière d'innover dans l'industrie des médias. Consultant, membre de la Medialab Session, coworker à La Muse, espace situé à Lausanne, Suisse. J'ai été mordu par le virus au Betacowork de Bruxelles. Ma folie est libre, comme la connaissance devrait l'être. (Crédit... See more

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