Mental health project - Products with an (audio)visual component designed to redirect one’s attention to useful and positive thoughts.


Présentation détaillée du projet

About Falke: Falke is an illustrator and copywriter with a MSc in Biomedical Sciences, who wants to provide coping resources for people battling anxiety and stress, and work towards a more multidisciplinary approach for support, research and therapy for persons with severe anxiety, hypersensitivity or/and PTSD. She wants to emphasize that mental and physical health should never be thought of as separate. 



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À quoi servira la collecte ?

How can you support the mental health project?

You can back the project starting from €1. In exchange of a contribution of over €10, you will receive a reward. Depending on the amount of money you donate, you will receive (one or more) specific rewards. These rewards will be provided once the target of the campaign is reached or in the period mentioned in the respective reward description.


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What happens with the money?

When you support the project, you’re contributing to the creation of an innovative and multidisciplinary approach of helping people with anxiety and stress disorders.


When the target of the campaign is reached, a small percentage of the funds raised will go to KissKissBankBank. The remaining sum will integrally go to the Orchard’s Bird project and is also used for the production of the coloring book and the rewards you can receive.


Note: Orchard’s Bird does not take into account any shipping costs. This means shipping costs of the rewards are for your account.


If the target of the campaign isn’t reached, you will be completely and immediately reimbursed.


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Orchard's Bird

“Falke is an entrepreneurial problem-solver with a Master of Science in Clinical Molecular Sciences. Despite her huge interest in (neuro)rehabilitation and neuroscientific research, after graduation she decided to take another road. Since communication is key to success in this digital era, as a stepping stone, Falke became a self-employed copywriter and... Voir la suite

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Sending Good Vibes! Keep on Going. Yes U Can.
Let's go! Falke WE are supporting you!!!! Ares, Eline, Daan, Davina aka DeMama ;)
Heel veel succes met je nieuwe project, Falke !