Help the Kimé Dojo Nice, non-for-profit association in Martial Arts, to build it's new Dojo !


The project

Kimé Dojo Nice is a Martial Art non-for-profit club and association, created by Gilles Richard (7th Dan in Shindokaï-Kan Karate) in 1983. Today the club needs to relocate its Dojo (located at 1 rue Boissy D'Anglas, 06000 Nice) following an unexpected and forced property change. In order to reverse the situation and maintain its activities, without any support from the city, the Kime Dojo will have to relocate and reinstall its premises by itself, after 20 years of existence and success (new Dojo address will be 21 rue Joseph et Xavier De Maistre 06100 Nice).


Kimé Dojo, major Martial Art player in France with international recognition and activities, is spreading the word out to the French and International communities to receive support for the set up of its new Dojo. We have to continue training and educating champions, young, kids and adults in Martial Arts with the right teaching for work, collective effort, respect and self-control. We also want to pursue our activities for the well-being of the streets, our cities and international communities's areas with the required successful ethics.




The new Dojo's set up will require the association 44592€ which is an incredibly high amount of money for an association that makes no profits, even though it is recognized internationally thanks to the quality of its members, trainings, philosophy and volunteering engagement.


Kimé Dojo calls the people, sport and Martial Arts lovers, anyone willing to make the city and country, an enjoyable space with diversity, harmony, creativity, respect and open-minded.


Support Kimé Dojo Nice for the set up of the new Dojo!



Black belts exam (a real warrior path, requiring physical effort and mental works above all!)






Kime Dojo - Organization of HandiSport





Article Grand National Shindokaï Success in NIce




Kimé Dojo hopes to go beyond its crowdfunding campaign's objective to extend its works as wished in order to build the new and always-examplary Dojo. Our goal is to welcome a maximum of people for Martial Arts teaching and training, and finally create new engaging and educative national and international events.

Why fund it?

In order to set up the new dojo, the Kime Dojo needs to invest in equipment and materials, that Gilles Richard and his team will use (they are the builders!).


Help us meet our objective, which will help us build the new dojo and further set up a mezzanine for the trainings, which will cost more than 32.000€, bringing the total budget at 44592€.


Here is the list of equipment we need to collect:


1 Ballon 200 litres: 299,00 €

1 Ballon 100 litres: 145,00 €

2 Groupes sécurité: 80,00 €

4 Mitigeurs: 156,00 €

2 Blocs toilettes: 149,00 €

3 Receveurs douche: 149,00 €

4 Bondes: 110,00 €

3 Lave mains: 114,00 €

Tableau électrique: 419,00 €

10 Colles Patex: 99,00 €

8 Sacs colle carrelage: 249,00 €

4 Colles mosaïque: 80,00 €

4 Pots peinture blanche: 200,00 €

10 Interrupteurs: 80,00 €

15 Prises: 120,00 €

10 Néons: 140,00 €

5 Eclairage plafond: 400,00 €

1 Porte double: 529,00 €

5 Câbles électrique 100m: 480,00 €

5 Câbles électrique 1,5 : 320,00 €

20 Boîtiers électrique: 100,00 €

Revêtement plastique: 700,00 €

3 bloc sécurité: 525,00 € Porte entrée: 485,00 €

Revêtement mural: 1 000,00 €

Parquet pin: 150,00 €

Parquet chêne: 198,00 €

Goulotte électrique: 675,00 €

Chevilles: 47,90 €

Vis: 78,00 €

Bois: 200,00 €

Équerres: 75,00 €


Total: 8851.9€


Transport is not included and will be taken in charge by the association.


Every euros above our crowdfunding objective will be put in the Dojo development, organization of events and support of all our Martial Arts communities.  



Kimé Dojo Nice is a non-for-profit organization since October 1983, managed by M. RICHARD Gilles. In 1988 Kimé Dojo joins I.F.O (Kick Boxing) which became W.K.A, then joins F.F.B.T (Thai-box) in 1989 and will be the 2nd club to join the group on the Mediterranean area. Kimé Dojo teaches karate Kyokushinkaï from 1984 to 1987, acts as independent... See more

Newest comments

Osu Shihan Gilles je suis certain de la réussite de ton beau projet . Je vous souhaite de belles années de pratique dans votre nouveau Dojo . Amitié Osu ton ami jean marc BOUDON
Belle initiative !
Quel beau projet ! avec une belle équipe. Que ces nouveaux locaux soient un lieu chaleureux comme le précédent ! A bientôt. Anne Sophie