A musical journey from South Africa to your home: help me finalise my first album!


The project



After many concerts in Europe and a tour in South Africa, it is about time to release a first album! So many of you have asked for it.


Thanks to you the exchanges will continue beyond the concerts.


Sung in Xhosa, my mother tongue, the ten tracks of the album are all stories that recount my relationship with the land of my ancestors. In helping me make this album you will allow these songs to be shared around the world.









This music project was born in 2012 in Marseille. Since then I have been touring and developing it with my musicians.


I write and compose my own songs. I also play percussions. The arrangements are made in collaboration with guitarist Fred Salles, who has lived in South Africa. Each musician brings in some of his universe and we refine the repertoire together.


With me on stage are Dimitri Reverchon on percussions, Lamine Diagne on wind instruments, and Fred Salles, Wim Welker or Cyril Perón-Dehghan on guitar.









The musical universe of this album is created by the voices and the acoustic instruments. Its roots are in my Xhosa culture -that of Mandela- and the exchanges I have had between continents continue to nurture it. The listener can hear some shades of jazz, as well as other colours from Africa.


Within my music I invite you to share emotion and experience the thrill of trance.


My songs tell stories of ghosts, lovers on their way to their first encounter, a mother whose child is crying, men chained at the bottom of a mine... Stories of spirituality and humanity.









My inspiration is the African concept of Ubuntu. In my mother tongue we use three words to define it: Umuntu, Gumuntu, Ngabantu.

In English, "I am a person because I am among other people", or simply put: "I am because we are".


Musically and artistically I grow up among you. Through my music I wish to contribute to your life with moments of emotion and joy, and to take you on a beautiful journey.


Today I need your support to finalise an album that I hope will allow us to go further!




Why fund it?

We have financed most of the production of the album. The tracks have been recorded by Dimitri and Fred, and the mix has been made by Yul Edorth at his Da Town studio.


We still have to do: the mastering, the graphic design and to press the first 1000 CD. All these steps have a cost and we need your support on this!

Do not wait to participate in this beautiful album, to postpone undermines the crowdfunding, the right time is now!




Projected Budget:


Additional mix: 480€

Mastering: 700 €

Photo studio: 200€

CD cover Design: 650€

CD press (3 parts digipack) 1000 unit + SDRM : 1600€

Rewards shipment: 960 €

KKBB's rate=8%: 400€

Total: 4990€


Ideally this will be completed before the end of the year and then we will release the album by the beginning of 2017.

And if we manage to surpass the goal together, we would love to make a music video!



Le Sud de l'Autre

Sibongile Mbambo was born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa. She now lives in the south of France in Marseille. There she started her first solo project from 2010, just after the Ilanga journey, an afro-trad-funk band which astonished concert clubs and festivals audiences all over France. Multi-talented artist, she sings, plays percussions, writes... See more

FAQ Questions about the project

+ What about this special reward for Kissbankers in South Africa?

It is intended for participants who reside in South Africa and want to contribute in South African Rand. The rate €/Zar being so unfair we decided to offer you the possibility to access the full album for a fair contribution.
5 € will give you access to the full album in wav HD format and 10€ the CD of the album, to be posted from SA.
Please don't forget to notify your location when you register, and write a message confirming the reward you would like.

+ I live in another country where the Euro is too strong against my currency...

For anyone who wants to support us but is located in a country where the euro is too strong against the local currency, we will give you access to the full album in either the MP3 or the wav HD format for the lowest contribution of 5€ (+ the original song as well).
Please don't forget to notify your location when you register and write us a message to confirm your location and your choice.

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Bravo pour ce projet sibongile! J'espere que vous y arriverai. Hate de l'écouter Bises dapé (toko)
Merci beaucoup à tous pour vos commentaires. Merci à ceux qui découvrent notre musique comme à ceux qui nous connaissent. Vos commentaires et vos contributions sont de sacrés motivations pour sortir l'album et vous le faire découvrir ! Nous venons de passer les 50% grâce à vous. Continuons !
Nous avons écouté avec bonheur votre musique , nous souhaitons que vous parveniez à rassembler la somme qui vous est nécessaire. Félicitations Au plaisir de vous écouter Joëlle et Robert JEANSELME