Contribute to reduce disasters and risk impacts by suporting worldwide growth of SIGNALERT, Crowdmapping smartphone App.


The project



The brainchild of observing practices across several countries (France, Spain, Japan, Haiti, Togo…), including those linked to environmental monitoring, the smartphone app SIGNALERT has been operational since January 2014.

Founder Richard Guillande has gathered a team of four others, investing together in the initial capital of a limited company in order to build the project.

Since then, dozens of specialists and scientists have joined them in contributing to the project and bringing their knowledge to the table.





SIGNALERT is a free smartphone app, available for iPhone and Android.

The SIGNALERT app offers you the chance to report observations of a phenomenon quickly, be it quick or slow, in its early stages or at its height, which presents a danger for man, their belongings, the environment or infrastructure:

- Floods

- Torrential Downpours

- Forest Fires

- Rockfall

- Avalanches

- Snowfall

- Cyclones.

Many other phenomena are soon to be added, be they of human or natural origin.

Launched in 2012, SIGNALERT is growing, through the involvement of specialists in each phenomenon.





How does SIGNALERT work?



Through the free SIGNALERT smartphone app, you report the effects of natural disasters you have witnessed from wherever you are in the world. This could be a flood, a tornado only lasting a few minutes, pollution, or a major accident. SIGNALERT informs you of what your neighbours are witnessing in your area, and puts you in touch either with them or with the emergency services, to whom you send photographs of the event.

More accurate than Twitter, and more direct and confidential than Facebook, SIGNALERT is fast becoming the social network for the management of risks, catastrophes, and consequences of climate change.

Through to Crowdmapping, the location of the event, the intensity of the phenomenon, its seriousness, and its eventual victims are very quickly identified.

SIGNALERT builds a description of the event and allows it to be detected very quickly. It also allows it to be tracked and described more effectively than on Twitter or Facebook.

The app also provides useful information on how to act when facing unusual or dangerous situations that we rarely come up against.




SIGNALERT isn’t a replacement for official forecasting and alert systems or the institutional measurement networks. It merely rounds them out with a local description of the effects as they are experienced on the ground.

Different user event descriptions are utilised by our clients and partners, who monitor the area where the phenomenon is occurring, organise rescue efforts, and plan preventative measures.

Users of the app receive a feedback map, showing them the status of the situation concerning the alert that they have sent.


Where is SIGNALERT ?


The SIGNALERT app exists in French and English. It works worldwide and has been tested in the Antilles, Djibouti, Haiti, Greece, Iceland, Morocco, Pakistan, and the USA.

SIGNALERT has currently been tested in several regions of France, with institutional partners who contribute to approving and spreading the word about the concept.

In a few weeks, a new version of the app will allow you to have your own personal surveillance system centred on locations of your choice, and to be informed by other users of significant events happening nearby.

SIGNALERT was used in September and October for reporting the impact of floods in the Cévennes region in the South of France.




SIGNALERT is not yet financially independent enough to develop the system, and is calling on

crowdfunding to establish its reputation and become viable.


Nevertheless, we are launching tests in faraway countries from the month of December 2014 in partnership with local bodies, notably in Haiti. SIGNALERT, with its new version due for release at the end of 2014, will allow the reporting of cyclones, whether you live in an affected region or you are just passing through on holiday.



We need you in order to progress further. This includes your criticism of the application, which we need so that we can improve the app and make it more practical and nicer to use.

Let us know which new phenomena or functions you would like to see on the application.

SIGNALERT can be used wherever you are; at work, away for the weekend, on holiday, and anywhere in the world. Try it!




Why fund it?

The Free SIGNALERT smartphone App is crowdmapping and citizen science tool maing of everyone of us a sensor able to report impact and damages caused by natural disasters, climate change and extreme events, man made disasters and causes, to the environment, people, infrastructures and exposed goods in general.

It is acknowledged as useful by different public bodies testing it, who are affiliated to the Ministry of the Environment. However, the concept relies on gathering a large community of voluntary users, throughout France, Europe and the world.

SIGNLALERT needs to make itself known in order to create a worldwide user network, and we have planned two ways of doing this in the coming months. These are the two means to make the app known, to encourage others to use the app, and that we are looking to finance. We need €7500 for:



- a media campaign using a mailshot aimed at a European audience

This will comprise of 3 international email campaigns and press releases for specialist journalists and media via a paid service. This is in order to generate articles or interviews which will encourage downloads and usage by the general public.

The cost for one year of these campaigns through a specialist agency is €3500, which will allow us to send 3000 emails to a panel of several thousand specialist journalists, and to reach the public at large through European and international media.

Feedback on the effectiveness of the campaign will be given to contributors the following year.

Press releases and media coverage will be able to be followed on our website and on social media.



- Participation in the UN World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction that will take place in Sendai, Japan, in March 2015.

Sendai was one of cities that was hit hardest by the 2011 Japanese tsunami.

SIGNALERT was accepted by the Ministry of the Environment to be a part of the French delegation, and to present the app and the system on the French stand. A lack of public support hinders us from taking part in this event in Japan.

The event will present the opportunity to meet people, make ourselves known, and forge professional links with all the major players in natural disasters and the impacts of climate change who will participate in the 5 day long Conference in Japan. Richard Guillande, SIGNALERT director, will personally go to Sendai.

SIGNALERT will give feedback to its contributors regarding the contacts made and follow-up contact with them in the year following the Conference. The sum raised for this project, including the printing and circulation of posters, leaflets, and publicity material, is €4000. This can be broken down into:

- €1500 travel expenses (a plane from Paris to Tokyo, and a train from Tokyo to Sendai)

- €1200 for a week’s hotel and food expenses

- €1300 in production costs for the posters, leaflets, and publicity material


What if the money pledged goes above and beyond what we are asking for?


We are not short of projects for which we’re in need of it.

For €1500 more, we could issue the translation of the app in another language (probably Spanish, to reach Latin America and Spain), or introduce the opportunity to report a new phenomenon.

For €3500 more, we could produce a video for YouTube and our website explaining how to use the smartphone app.

Any contributions beyond what we have asked for will therefore allow us to speed up the production process and the deployment of these next steps, to create a worldwide user network.









Created in 2012 by Richard GUILLANDE, geologits and specialiste of natural and manmade disasters riks, of climate change impact since 20 years now. He his also action in prevention and vulnerability reduction all around the world for internationa organizations, NGO's, governents, industry and research orgaizations. The crowdmapping and citizne science... See more

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