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The project

François Vaiana, the lead singer of Blue Monday People travelled worldwide. Born in Liège Belgium, he spent many years in Burkina Faso, New York and Paris.


Back in Belgium he created the band Blue Monday People.François composes songs that are inspired by the cultures and the people he met during his many years abroad.


Blue Monday People is a subtle mix of European spleen and blues coming from the Americas. François' pieces are urban tales influenced by the good, the bad, the ugly and the ordinary of Mankind.




Blue Monday People is:

-François Vaiana (singer-songwriter)

-Benjamin Sauzereau (guitar)

-Jens Bouttery (drums)


-Dorian Dumont (piano)



Blue Monday People started in 2012, they performed in many Belgian and foreign venues such as: Gaume Jazz Festival, Brussels Summer Festival, Tournai Jazz Festival, la Ferme du Biéreau and the Music Festival of Kinshasa.


They released their first 4 track EP "Love" in 2014.


Few words about the musicians


François Vaiana (singer-songwriter)


François Vaiana was born in 1982 in Liège, Belgium, a city he never lived in. He attended schools and universities in Brooklyn, Brussels and Ouagadougou. Before being a full time musician he worked many jobs in different fields: real estate, supermarkets, dental clinics... just to name a few. So far he hasn’t received any awards for his music. His chief interests apart from singing and songwriting are reading books, understanding historical monuments, watching food cook, traveling with people and being alone. 


Dorian Dumont (piano)


Dorian Dumont was born in 1988 in Montpelier, France, a city in which he fed verociously on classical and chamber music. He changed musical orientation for many reasons, mainly because of Thelonious Monk, Brad Mehldau, Radiohead, girls, Dennis Bergkamp and his mom and dad... he claims their are 457 other reasons. He performs with various people in various groups of various styles such as "Jens Maurits and his Orchestra", "Lift", "Blindsight" and his own trio "La Volte". All in various places. Various. 


Jens Bouttery (drums)



Jens Bouttery was born in 1988 in Oostduinkerke, Belgium, a small town by the seaside. His parents still own the family house. He was awarded the Toots Thielemans Award from the Brussels Conservatory for his project «The Dubtapes» in collaboration with filmmaker Daan Milius. On top of playing and composing music for many theatrical productions, film soundtracks and a selection of bands, he likes constructing things by himself such as desks and html websites. He also enjoys driving nice cars and anything related with water. 


Benjamin Sauzereau (guitar)


Benjamin Sauzereau was born in 1984 in Le Mans, France where he spent all his childhood and teenage years. He started his adult life studying English but soon turned to playing guitar. He is currently a full time musician in Brussels and plays in many bands such as «Les Chroniques de l’Inutile» and «Le Chien à Trois Pattes». Aside from playing music he is a comic-book aficionado and enjoys people when they laugh but also when they are silent. 


Why fund it?

This is what is left to do in order to release, promote and distribute the album:


-Mixing: 2600€

-Mastering: 500€

-Graphic design: 750€

-SABAM: 880€

-Factory Making: 1500€


-Press Agent: 1500€


Total Expenses:


The album budget is 15000€, we have already spent part of the budget for the recording which is in reality the biggest expense of the making of the CD. We have spent roughly 7500€. We have used all of our savings and that is why we are launching this Kiss Kiss Bank Bank.


We have already spent:

-recording: 5700€

-pictures: 150€

-residency fees, rehearsals, rent of piano: 1500€


Total: 5850€


What is left to do in order to release the album, promote and distribute it:

-Mixing: 2600€

-Mastering: 500€

-Graphic Design: 750€

-Sabam: 880€

-Factory Making: 1600€

-Press Agent: 1500€

-Postal Fee: 80€


Total: 7910€


We have received a production grant for the creation of the album from the Fédération Wallonie Bruxelles of 6500€.

We have invested ourselves 2760€.

There is 6000€ left to finance.


We have spent all our income, that is why we are launching this Kiss Kiss Bank Bank.

Blue Monday People

Blue Monday People is a band from Brussels created by the singer-songwriter François Vaiana. The quartet is a subtle mix between European spleen and Blues coming from the Americas. François' compositions are urban tales influenced by the good, the bad, the ugly and the ordinary of Mankind. François Vaiana lived in New York, Burkina Faso and Brussels.... See more

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