Education at the heart of the Favela !


The project

‘Education is the ability to meet life’s situations’ said John G. Hibben.


It is by providing a better access to education and to cultural awakening that our project hopes to positively affect current and future generations of the Favela Morro do Carmo, Minas Gerais, Brazil.




We are a team of 21 students of Grenoble Graduate School of Business, that decided to fight unfair access to education in Brazil by volunteering. We represent one of the 5 international projects of the French association Savoir Oser la Solidarité, a known non-profit charity organization in Grenoble.


Our missions :




Our actions are based in the Morro do Carmo favela, near the town of Belo Horizonte (Brazil).


Our project is made of two different types of missions :


-              Humanitarians missions : reconstruction of a « brinquedoteca » (educational playroom which will allow the favela’s youth to have an healthy place, with equipment, and favorable to learning), renovation of a nursery as well as sensitization about themes like food, care and education.

The main theme of our project is education. That’s why we will also ensure the coming of a teacher in the favela three times a week in order to give classes to the children.


-              Solidarity missions : Organizing sports and cultural activities, as well as outing with young people from the favela.


We wish to go even further in our step taking into account the professionnal future of those people. This is why we will also get into the social business and entrepreneurship themes, applied to favela’s context.




Why fund it?



We established a partnership with a Brazilian association, the IPREVAL, that has been acting since 1965 at the heart of the Favela Morro do Carmo. Since its beginning, the association has been managing a center that welcomes daily over a hundred children, aged 3 to 17, and that proposes multiple activity such as sport or artistic awakening. But even more, as the center and its crew represent a real psychological support for these children that sometimes are facing difficult family situations.






Because of current austerity measures in Brazil, the association now needs funds to keep performing its admirable actions. Our team decided to support the center and its commitment by bringing necessary funds in order to rebuilt and equip a Brinquedoteca, an educational room that will permit children to get a better and direct access to education, right into the Favela.

All the funds gathered during this crowdfunding campaign will help us to be a step closer to our goal, and make this project unique for both our team and the Brazilians!




Should you need more information, please feel free to contact us on fb!

Aurelien Goutel

Who are we ? This project started off in May 2015 from two students Alexine and Thomas wanting to keep on their fight against inequalities. It is held by 21 students of Grenoble School of Management. First, second, and third year students from all fields mingled are part of the team. The team was built in October and meets up every weeks since... See more

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Bon courage pour votre beau projet <3
Veel succes!!
Bravo à vous tous et à votre enthousiasme! Vous nous permettez à notre façon de rester connecté à ces belles actions de solidarité et d'amour!