is online dating site by musical affinities offering interactives and innovants services for singles.


The project

Our idea :


" The love of music always leads to love music . " Jacques Prévert.


Born and since the 07 july 2014, the SAS SOUDMEET company (France), developing the online dating site " SOUDMEET.NET ", offering innovative and interactive services so as to promote meetings between subscribers sharing or not the same tastes and musical styles.


The search for a soulmate leads users to contact and communicate with each other, through musical affinities mainly based on tastes and musical styles specific to each user. Our site will be then specialized in the meeting through musical affinities . It will offer the user the opportunity to meet compatible people as to other users' personality, tastes and musical styles.


Regarding, affinities will be created by similarities (a feather flock together...) or differences (opposites attract...) tastes and musical styles shared between users in order to establish an early contact, efficient, start a conversation and then, cause or create the meeting. Our goal is to ensure a sustainable and serious relationship, and mostly bring a solution to the needs of singles online.


More than a challenge, we want to comply with the needs of online dating through music.







Why fund it?

Development of marketing and communication strategy. (Marketing / Communication / Advertising). Creation and development of the mobile application.Images4Images    Images3


Our team consists of two co-founders with complementary profiles and a project manager with his web web developers (service for website creation). Our union thus brings different skills, management, engineering, finance, marketing and communication.

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