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The project


Howdy Partners, I’m Steamboat Woody !




I play some mean banjo songs, influenced by country music, folk singers, and early Delta blues, as well as modern punk rock bands. I know, it does sound like a bit of a stretch, but when you’re a French gentlemen, you can play country music your own way without being judged for blasphemy!




I’m now playing with a couple of friends who take care of the guitar and the washboard, which gives more depth to the songs.



So, this funding is made to help us record a country album that would bring together the melancholy of early folk songs and the energy of punk music. 





Why fund it?


All the collected funds will be used for the recording and the design of this album:

-Recording: 1100 euros

-CD manufacturing: 1200 euros

-Illustration for the cover and the printing: 400 euros

-Kiss Kiss Bank Bank’s commission: 240 euros


If more money is collected, it will be used in order to manufacture LPs and to make a music video. 

Steamboat Woody

Steamboat Woody est un joueur de banjo qui, après s’être retrouvé sans boulot aux Etats Unis, s’est mis à composer des chansons pour lutter contre la solitude et l’ennui. Des toits de Brooklyn aux rues de Sacramento, il écrit des morceaux folks aux accents bluegrass, puis, de retour en France et entouré d’amis à la washboard et à la guitare, finit par... See more

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So proud of you Julien!
Hey Julien Entre ça et la mairie de Paris, j'ai choisi ! Je suis sûr que ta mère sera d'accord avec moi Kisses