Support the recording of the second album of Steven Reinhardt, the young French Gipsy guitar prodigy.


The project

"I grew in a family of musicians. It's a tradition, generations after generations.

I started with learning piano with my father at the age of 5. Then my grand father Jim Ways taught me the basis of guitar playing, when I was 6. A few years later My uncle Angelo Debarre helped me improve my performing.

A lot of work and many concerts with great musicians, that's what took me to where I am now..."


With his first album called L'Esprit Manouche, Steven Reinhardt proved that one can both be "classical" and "modern". While he was playing in a hyper classical trio line up, with Yannick Bouchikki (rythm guitar) and Antoine Abed (bass), he succeeded in delivering in 2014 twelve creations that were all fresher than the others! A first album quite simple but already so unique!



His new band, which is a quartet with the saxophone player Alban Chapelle, is a proof that this first album was not a stroke of luck! This Steven Reinhardt really has talent.

This new band provides us Gipsy Swing music, more like a classic retro American jazz. It's a real wonder to hear them, even if these frist recordings we present here have been done "on the fly", meaning in harsh conditions for the performers.

Listening to Steven Reinhardt's music, it seems like you are hearing some of those great themes that became immedite universal classics! Not retro, neither modern, just magic!



Steven asked to Mathieu Dantec, audio engineer who recorded his first album, to realise this second record. He is the personn who presenting this wonderful project to you right now.


L'Esprit Manouche, Steven Reinhardt's first album (in trio) is available on Bandcamp:


Why fund it?

The budget for the recording of the album is:


-Audio equipement renting: 500€

-Mastering: 800€

-General expanses (transportation and food): 200€

-Video shooting: 250€

-Photo shooting: 250€

-Album artwork: 600€

-Web site creation: 300€

-compensation financing (sending cds, posters printing): 300€

-Album pressing (1000 copies): 1000€

-Administrative copyright fees (SDRM): 900€

-KisskissBankbank comission: 408€


TOTAL: 5508€



If we go further this first floor, here's what we'll be able to do:


-Recording in a better studio than Mathieu Dantec's: 3000€

-Press agent for the promotion of the album: 1500€

-"Tour support" (helps financing the creation of a tour): 1500€

Mathieu Dantec

Mathieu Dantec (aka Dantec3p) is audio engineer for more than 15 years. He worked a lot on live music and is, these days, participating to the creation of a school for professionnal sound technicians. In 2015, he is focusing on his studios called Musiques du Monde Actuel, in Pontoise (France) to work there on projects important to him like Steven...

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Beau projet, bon courage Mathieu !
Merci à tous pour vos commentaires qui font chaud au coeur! Nous venons de franchir le cap symbolique des 10%, c'est super mais il est grand temps maintenant d'accélérer le tempo car à cette allure là nous n'atteindrons pas nos objectifs! Merci donc à vous tous de motiver vos proches car vous êtes nos meilleurs porte- paroles maintenant!! Encore merci pour vos soutiens
super! Nous espérons que ça va fonctionner! Bises à Antoine :) sophie et Hervé