Stone Paper Feather is a young french design brand specialized in authentic jewelry.


The project



  Product Designer, stones and feathers hunter, if curiosity were a fault, it wouldl be my biggest vice ! I decided to create my own jewels, using minerals and elements that I've been looking for and collecting since my childhood, and my collection is beginning to overflow !   So it's with a lot of patience that I collect my raw materials that come from all over the world, from my native Normandy beach to the wilderness of United States to create unique pieces, fragments of travels and discoveries. 

  My friends bring me shells, feathers, minerals, their own finds for me to add directly to my collections.







  Your role in this adventure would be to help me to fund the rental of a stand during the "boutique éphémère" of december that will take place in the Galerie Joseph ( 7 rue froissart 75003 Paris - ).


  This event will enable me to give visibility to the brand, to create a direct contact with people and broaden my capacity to share my discoveries. I will finally be able to present the own universe around Stone Paper Feather ), get  some feedback, hear peoples' impressions, answer their questions, and especially learn how to  fulfill future customers' desires for the next collections. It is also a great opportunity to meet you in person, discuss mutual points of view, wishes and dicovers... Things that drive me and feed my creativity everyday !




  Above all, I would like to thank all the people that have encouraged me to get this project launched, the ones that support me everyday, those who motivate me and believe in the brand's future. Thank you for being curious and for taking the time to read these few lines. If you have any questions,would like more informations, or just to say a little "hi", I'm available on my facebook page or by mail on stone.paper.feather [@] Thanks again and maybe we'll see each other other soon at the stand !!! (who knows ?!)    

Why fund it?

- Help me to fund a stand placed in a room with a lot of movement / Equipment / Rental of a car to bring all the stuff on the selling place (trestle/board/ornament/jewels) 300€ 


  On a second time, if the funds are highters than the initial's budget, every money collected above will be entrust to my friend Aurélie who is going on a world' travel on january 2014. She gently offered me to go on stone's and raw materials' hunt that she will be able to find on her way during her trip and to send it to me.  ( thank you so much Aurélie !!!! )



Stone Paper Feather

Camille, Designer objet spécialisée dans les accessoires, domaine qui me permet de passer d'un domaine du design à un autre pour pouvoir expérimenter de nouveaux matériaux, de nouvelles techniques qui enrichiront mes créations, que ce soit dans les bijoux ou le design objet pur. J'ai toujours été fascinée par les récits de naturalistes, les dessins... See more

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Mercii ! Ca fait plaisir et ça me touche beaucoup !
Tes nouveaux bracelets sont top ! Moi qui n'en portent quasi jamais, ils sont originaux, beaux et soignés... j'ai hâte de porter le mien et de jalouser en faisant ta pub :p Bravo ma chouquette
merci beaucoup :)