The project

The VOICELESS, are these women, these men, these children, victims of sexual violence. Faced with the violence of the destruction of their intimacy, they very often lost their footing.


The goal of this project that we invite you to support is to allow these victims to finally have their voices heard. It is time for solidarity, to listen and support these people, too often abandoned and condemned to silence in the midst of a society where the reality of sexual violence is still the object of massive denial.


You can help us: thanks to your donations, we can bring this project to fruition and through it push back the denial.


We have two objectives and two deadlines.


 Our first objective, in the short term, is the showing at the Luxembourg Palace, on march 2nd 2015, during the Symposium “ Inquiry of Gratitude”, of one of the chapters of this project: STOP THE DENIAL, in support of the campaign of awareness STOP THE DENIAL, organized by Dr Muriel Salmona, psychiatrist specializing in psychological trauma, President of the Association Traumatic Memory and Victimology.


The part of this project that will be shown, reveals anonymous stories of victims of sexual violence (women, men, children, the elderly), read by personalities from the spheres of theater, politics, medicine, justice, associations and media.



Teaser of The VOICELESS


Film Poster:




At fruition, these images will be integrated into a 90 minute fictional movie that will be submitted to several  televised chains.


These stories that have been filmed have as a goal to increase our awareness of the grave and systematic psychological and traumatic consequences of rape.


It’s about better understanding the why of the behaviours of the victims, what they live.

It’s about recognizing their suffering, to better accompany them, to help them resume the course of their lives, et render them their dignity.


Each member of the filming crew has personally invested so that we can create this film. Our common goal is to give the victims of sexual violence access to having their voices heard.


To do this, we have had to be supported and assisted by media personalities, ready to make people hear the voiceless.


At the technical level, we have had the opportunity to have a famous star from the world of cinema by our side, who has received a number of Cesar Awards for the films on which he has worked: Vincent Tulli

 Official website of Vincent Tulli


And here are some of the people who will read the victims testimonies on film.


Bruno_solo_-1419280667  Bruno Solo, actor


Fabienne_carat_copie_-1419280913  Fabienne Carat Actress


Micha_l_lonsdale_-1420467578  Michaël Lonsdale, actor


Edouard_durand_-1419281736  Edouard Durand , Judge


Alexandre_duguet-1419281449  Pr. Alexandre Duguet, Doctor


Thierry_fr_mont_-1420040377  Thierry Frémont, ActorMurielle-salmona-2012-1419281359  Doctor Muriel Salmona, psychiatrist


Dominique_guillo_-1419280741  Dominique Guillo, Actor


Fay_al_azizi_-1419281572  Fayçal Azizi, Singer - Actor


Stephanie_pasterkamp_-1422123970-1423331201  Stéphanie Pasterkamp, Actress


Oscar_sisto_-1420467122-1423331237  Oscar Sisto, director


Tonya_-1422045422-1423331266  Tonya Kinzinger, Actress


Bruno_delahaye_-1422224131  Bruno Delahaye, Casting Director


Malikati-1420285739-1423331359  Malik Ati, Music Composer


 Jo Prestia,  et Willy, dancer from Danseurs Fantastiques, Claude Unger-Fassina administrator of Museum, Luc Barruet, co-founder of Solidarité Sida, Solidays... are reading too...




Some links that support us:

Official Website of Vincent Tulli

Official website of Florence Fredet 

Official website of Malik Ati

Official website of Catherine Zavlav

Why fund it?

The funds that we will collect will contribute to:


Technical support for 6 days of filming

Studio rental and technical materials Studio rental: 1200 Euros for 6 days Technical materials: 2650 euros for 6 days 2 Sony Camescopes NEX FS 100 E (2 XLRs, visor, control screen) 2 Monopod Manfrotto with folding arms A prompter A portable clip on microphone with cord or cordless Sanken COS capsule Interchangeable Zoom lens 18-200 or 17-40 (f:4) or 50 mm (f1,4) Lighting ( 2 mandarins, 4 omnilights, 2 totalights) Salaries Chief of operations: 150 euros for 6 days Make-up artist/coiffeur: 300 euros for 6 days and 19 readers to apply makeup to and coif Director 150 euros for 6 days


Post-production work Standardization and calibration: 300 euros Editor (salary): 500 euros for 12-14 days of anticipated editing Catering: 1500 euros for the technical crew, 3 volunteers and 16 readers during the 6 days Advertising Posters and DVDs: 300 euros

TOTAL 7050 euros


If we manage to collect 4000 euros, we can film using one camera. With more than 5000 we will have 2 cameras and finally above this amount, we can pay our director and our technical crew!



Catherine ZAVLAV

I have been evolving during the past 15 years in the world of theater and cinema as an actress ( Kaboul Kitchen, Camping Paradis, Commissaire Marcellan…). Today, author, creator, director and producer of this project, I have positioned myself behind the camera to let the voiceless be heard. I have been working for a few years with men, women and children... See more

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LES SANS VOIX: un projet contre toutes les violences sexuelles, au service des victimes enfants, femmes, hommes. MERCI A TOUS POUR VOTRE SOUTIEN !!! Ce projet se réclame "humaniste". Nous portons la parole des victimes de violences sexuelles, enfants, femmes, hommes. L'important est de lutter contre les violences sexuelles sans distinction de sexe, d'âge, d'ethnie ou d'appartenance sociales. Tous ensemble, luttons contre toutes les violences sexuelles.
Beau projet féministe, d'utilité publique. Relayé pour les derniers jours du délai pour contributions possibles. Je vous souhaite un grand succès et ai hâte de voir le documentaire terminé. Merci et bonne chance.
J'ai vu le lancement de la bande annonce, pas mal du tout. Excellent travail à tous. Bravo.