Help us fund ‘Sun Dance’ - a kinetic elemental sculpture aiming to innovate the cityscape of Sofia, Bulgaria.


The project

‘Sun Dance’ is the name of a wind-driven kinetic elemental sculpture inspired by the Japanese symbol of the Sun – the red disk, and it is designed by the Bulgarian sculptor Todor Todorov. It is designed to be a 5 meter high sculpture from Stainless steel with three kinetic elements moved by the wind. ‘Sun Dance’ is a project for the urban space and it will be placed in the capital of Bulgaria, Sofia. 


     Sun_dance_316__retush_-1472375802         2_-1472375863


                                 3D Computer model - Day and Night


The idea behind ‘Sun Dance’ is to incorporate the Elemental Sculpture in the traditional urban environment. Elemental sculpture is part of a new level of relationship between man and nature in art and in general, working with the surrounding environment and transforming the static classical sculpture into a moving piece of art. Creating a sculpture of this kind will provide a provocation and an opportunity to shape a new world-view, a new understanding of environmentalism and green architecture. What is at stake, is a novel sculptural and cultural whole, a so far unseen organic fusion between this new-concept sculpture and the cityscape.


The project began over five years ago and has been kept alive by the artists Todor Todorov and his wife Daniela Todorova. They have been trying to raise funding the classical way for the past two years but without the needed success, so now with the help of students with interests in alternative finance, are broadcasting this idea to the KissBankers. Our team has the passion to improve and innovate the urban environment and to create an attractive spot in the capital city Sofia and we believe that Elemental sculpture is an interesting architecture that deserves more attention. 





So far, this project has been introduced to the Municipality of Sofia a couple of years ago and approved. The first part of the actual realization of the project is finished – all the taxes in the Municipality are paid, the spot is selected, provided and paid for, and the concrete substructure is already completed. The last thing to do is to fund the needed materials for building the sculpture and placing it in the urban environment in the park surrounding The National Palace of Culture in the center of Sofia. 





The spot for the sculpture is in a central, very popular place in the city for both tourists and Bulgarians. The park spot is surrounded by tourist, youth and cultural attractions - The National Palace of Culture, which hosts Sofia's biggest festivals, concerts, gala evenings, etc.; 'The bridge of the beloveds' on which are often placed open photography exhibitions; a skate park for the youth; the largest fountains in Sofia gather people's attention through summer. This is one of the best spots in the capital, which will be even more noteworthy with this cultural element - Sun Dance.




The National Palace of Culture and the park in front. 


In the near future ‘Sun Dance’ is planned to become part of a bigger project named ‘the Alley of Elemental Sculpture’. This is a virtually created idea for a kinetic sculpture space, which would begin in front of the building of The National Palace of Culture, with ‘Sun Dance’ and lead into the park where other kinetic sculptures will be placed. The space allocated for the project is expected to become a point of cultural attraction, involving the citizens and guests of the capital Sofia, Bulgaria.




For now, the main goal is completing the construction of ‘Sun Dance’, a project being on the edge of realization for too long. With trying all other means of funding, achieving the goal might be in the help of crowd-funders. We believe that the city of Sofia has been in the need of contemporary art like this in the public space for a very long time.  


 7_panel_sun_dance_za_pechat_-1472376581   1_panel_todor_i_el_sc_za_facet_-1472376646


Panels from the exhibition 'ELEMENTAL SCULPTURE' in which were presented the sculpture Sun Dance and the other sculptures designed for the Alley of Elemental Sculpture.

Why fund it?

Funding ‘Sun Dance’ will be an important step in connecting art to the fast urban life. If the realization of this project is successful, a wave of interest may launch the factual creation of the Alley of Elemental Sculpture and bring a new innovative cultural spot for Sofia and Europe to show to her citizens and guests.


Budget estimation:


So far 12 000 leva (6 000 €) have been invested into the project - for paying the Municipality taxes, creating the project and making it into 3D model, and for the concrete substructure.

For the sculpture creation and placement - 13 000€ are needed, due to the size (5 m), materials and the istalation itself.

8% are for the KissKissBankBank site, if the project is successful - 1200 €

And since we are trying to raise a lot of money, we decided to have a couple of big gifts, so 2000 € are planned for gifts to thank all the Kiss bankers.


Possible extra budget will very happily be spent on the realization of the project "Alley of Elemental Sculpture". 




Hello, We are a team of enthusiast trying to fund a project being a dream for far too long. We are helping to realize a project with a sculpture designed by Todor Todorov - an international sculptor working in the sphere of Sculpture in Architecture for over 40 years and his large scale sculptures could be seen in 18 countries worldwide. We have the... See more