In Alaska, a tribe in distress struggles to not disappear. His only hope of survival: a 23 year-old frenchman.


The project


A language dies every 15 days. According to UNESCO, on 6000 to 7000 that are now spoken worldwide, half of them will be dead before the end of the century.


A projection that seems so far away from us. But at the other end of the world, men and women experience this pain and struggle not to become mere statistics. It is there that we want to take you. At the other end of the world: Alaska.

Discovering the Eyak people, and their struggle to save their language, and with it, their history! 





Marie Smith Jones died in 2008. She was the last native born speaker of Eyak. The language is officially off with it, leaving all his tribe orphan. Before dying, Chief Mary told her people that he did not have to mourn her passing, because she felt that "someone would come from far away to help them."

And she was right. Two years later, a 21 year-old frenchman, Guillaume Leduey, arrived from Le Havre (Normandy, France), some 7,400 kilometers (4,600 miles) away, to discover the Eyak people. A people whose language he had learned only through encyclopedias, archives, internet. All the while welcomed as a prophet as the one who could "save" them.


Two years later, in 2013, he is assistant linguistic research for the University of Fairbanks and has written more than 3,000 manuscript pages of a future Eyak-English dictionary. He works full time from his home in Normandy, and every summer he returned to the Eyak native land in Cordova to help the Indian to relearn their own language.





The survival instinct of a people in distress has crossed paths with a young French who decided to devote them a part of his life. Together, they now share the same struggle: to live the legacy of Eyak. Ancestors of the first one, passion of the second one.






Here is the story we want to tell you ... You follow us?

... We who? Good question.


Marie-Christine Carfantan and Vincent Bonnay


The first is a writer and director for the Paris-based production company specializing in documentary Peignoir Prod. She is our pen. To her credit, already several films 52' as co-director and author (Disseminated on LCP, France 3, France O, Equidia) and many achievements in reports magazine size (Equidia).


The second is journalist-reporter-cameraman. "Mr. Camera" of this team. Back from a year in New York where he worked for the news agency Keep In News, covering news for French television channels (TF1, M6, AFP, TV5 Monde), he works mainly for the news channel i> Télé.  




Our collaboration began on journalism school benches and has never ceased. Two journalists, a pen and a camera. Two looks in the same direction ... Alaska!


Why fund it?


Alaska is far, far away! The first trip to meet Guillaume and Eyak was a personal adventure. Funding too! But  after this trip, we now have a certainty: this fight is an incredible story, this story deserves to be told and therefore, our film must exist!


What we have: Equipment  

- Professional camera and accessories (Canon XF300 and Sony PMW 150)

- Digital SLR and accessories (Canon 60D + Lenses: 50mm and 18-270mm)

- A camera and DSLR tripod (Manfrotto) 

- Sound equipment: Sennheiser G3 wireless microphone kit - Lighting equipment and feet  


What we want: Go !  

This is where your support comes. Alaska in addition to being a remote area is a huge and wild land. Each movement is even more complicated and expensive. There is no road to Cordova for example. The Eyak native land can be accessed by ferry ... For another trip to Bethel, to the west of the country, there is only one solution: fly ... Imagine!





Here is a transportation planning recap:   


- Paris-Anchorage (A / R): 1400 €

- Anchorage-Cordova (A / R): 200 €

- Anchorage Bethel (A / R): 300 €

- Anchorage, Fairbanks (A / R): Carpooling    


For a total of about € 1,900 per person, so 3,800

To this budget, we must add a margin for the unexpected or additional expenses (rental car considered) but also the evolution of fares and other charges. We also integrate the 8% paid to Kiss Kiss Bank Bank.  


You know everything. We ask for your support because it is not easy to get into a project like this but thanks to you, we hope we can achieve "Sur le bout de la langue" which mean "On the tip of the tongue" and not stay "on the edge of the road "... by lack of budget.  

Embark with us to Alaska and help us to take as many as we can on board!


'AwA'ahdah (Thanks in Eyak)


Nous sommes deux jeunes journalistes professionnels. Une plume et une caméra. Divers expériences ensemble et chacun de notre coté, du documentaire au reportage d'actualité, de la politique à la découverte. Deux regards qui aujourd'hui portent dans même direction : L'Alaska.

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