Between Himalayas and Ganges An echo of tomorrow's world, a world imbued with humanity. 2100 km on foot "Meeting people on the trails."


The project





The documentary " Meeting people on the trails" will be realized as part of my studies. As I am studing in the humanitarian sector, it seems important to me to understand the main issues I will have to face in my future missions : the living conditions of the peoples of the world, their beliefs, their cultures, their hopes, etc. Before initiating any action, to be familiar with all these issues seems essential to me.


By hiking and renouncing material possessions, I will try to get closer of people’s lives with whom I will be getting to work. Thanks to these meetings and thanks to the time devoted to people – who are not really under media attention, I hope to understand why the world still need humanitarian work nowadays.







Today, “Western” man is far away from real contact with its environment. Contemporary society leads to ways of life where "real needs" are almost absent from daily life. I mean by "real needs", the essential ones: food, water, shelter, warmth and happiness – why would it be deserved to a minority of people ? Even if the western has forgotten the first meaning of « life » by finding new priorities : money, profits, growth, consumption, there are other parts in this world where life’s priorities are essentially basic : survive. This mismatch between countries called "developed" and "Third World" has to be understood to be finally able to answer this question : what are our "real considerations" ?


To understand all this, I chose to walk.

To make you understand, I chose to shoot.  


You are wondering why? So here it is ...    







Hiking is a vector of meeting, it reconnects to the world.  


In times of globalization, walking is a tool to flout progress and start from the essential, man. This is, to a certain extent, relearning the concept of distance : seeing the world as fast as you walk. Walking is a way to share the living conditions of a large part of the people who inhabit this world, it makes you understand where our concerns should be located. But it is also and above all, understand that traveling is not just a destination, it is the path that leads us there and the people that we meet along the road.      







What I want to capture and transmit is meetings. Step after step, kilometers after kilometers across the world, I will meet men and women – so far from "our" world but so close to "us." They’re treating live in a different way. What do they think of happiness – the question that haunts us. From the buddhist temples in remote parts of the Himalayas to Agra's street, we’ll try to answer this question with :


« Meeting people on the trails »







I propose to you through texts that will be conciliated throughout my path some thoughts about meetings, solitude, sharing, life, happiness, walking, and men. A slow pathway on the traces of philosophy, a different philosophy. A voice, some reflections, lot of questions and maybe some answers. An echo of tomorrow's world, a world imbued with humanity.







The documentary will be accompanied by music that we will compose in autumn. Various artists and myself will attend, cello, piano, guitar, etc. Also, I wrote a song and I’m going to shoot the clip during my trip. The lyrics reflect my state of mind in this adventure. So, this song will be in the documentary too. That’s all for now. I hope you’ll be surprized ! 







I am also particularly sensitive to environmental issues, so this trip will benefit of the label Scope "Travel Eco-responsible" (offset carbon emissions, mini solar panel for charging electronic devices, etc..) :




For details, see label's charter here !





* This visual is just a glimpse of the final itinerary. It is not exhaustive.  


From New Delhi in India through the Taj Mahal in Agra, the sacred Varanasi (formerly Benares), then the Himalayas between Kathmandu and Darjeeling to the base of Kangchenjunga (third highest peak in the world at 8586m) is more than 2100 km that will be covered on foot.


Departure : 6 May

Return : 29 August 



The project is supported by ESCD 3A : Escd_3a  




And to follow me on my trip, come to the facebook page !

Why fund it?



The total cost is estimated at € 5500, this foundrising is therefore only to help me to complete its financing. And that's how it is distributed:


€ 2,000 will be used to finance the project before departure and once on site:


I could buy with your help all the equipment I need:

- Equipment for shooting video, image storage, and processing.

- And walking equipment (maps, measuring instruments, mountaineering equipment, survival kit, etc.).


A portion will also be affected to meet the criteria of the label "Travel Eco-responsible"

Namely, the funding offsetting carbonnes cause by the plane travel, the purchase of a mini wind turbine for charging the camera, etc.. (see chart label for details in link above, in french only).


Finally, the remaining € 1,000 will are used after the come back in the production of the documentary:


creating music (purchase of equipment for recording, mixing, etc..)

payment of musicians,

editing images (pro software purchase)


communication (news)

distribution (screening room, equipment, etc.).

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Ce projet est magnifique! Bon vent Anton et profite de tes rencontres, découvertes.... Bisous et bonne chance
Bon vent Anton ! Le bonheur n est pas au bout du chemin le bonheur c est le chemin . Kiki
Ce que nous devons à Kathy aurait suffi à me convaincre. Et les qualités intrinsèques du projet aussi. Je vous souhaite bon vent et bonnes rencontres, Anton.