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The project

”Svalbard, an arctic life” is a photographic project in progress showing human life, in all aspects, half way between the North of Europe and the North Pole. 


  The Svalbard archipelago is the spot closest to the North Pole where human beings settled and who are still searching for their place. Spitzberg, which is the only island that is inhabited, has more ghost towns than inhabited ones. Mankind came and went.

Svalbard has two cities that are alive: Barenstburg and Longyearbyen.



Barentsburg is protected by Russia and run by the coal mining company ”Arctikugol”. Its population is quasi self-sufficient, since on this Norwegian territory the Russians have to respect European norms on security and some other, Norwegian, rules. They are, for example, not permitted to build an airport or to own snowmobiles, thus depriving them of freedom of movement.



Longyearbyen, on the other hand, is inhabited by Norwegians and some forty other nationalities. It is in full change. Not happy with their precarious living conditions, the population doesn’t stop accelerating the metamorphosis of their city and to render their daily lives more pleasant despite the harsh polar conditions. As a consequence, the economy grows thanks to the dynamic of the 2000 inhabitants and thanks to tourist activities, such as expeditions, cruises in the arctic, two music festivals, hotels, pubs, etc.


It is my intention to produce a photographic testimony of the coexistence of two populations, Russian and Norwegian; about the way they settled and live in this unspoiled land.


These photographs will reflect the different footprints of human settlement in this harsh and extreme environment; very different footprints : a Norwegian town following a Scandinavian pattern, a Soviet town where time seems to have stopped, scientific installations to observe the sky or to receive remote sensing data from outer space, huts spread over the snowed up plains, as well as ghost towns. So many testimonials of the passage of man and his appropriation of this land.



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Why fund it?

I made a first exploratory trip to Svalbard in October 2013 and I could discover the places, see what really inspires me and meet many people and make a sketch of my project.


I am now seeking to raise funds that will allow me to make a second trip, this coming February, and work in more detail on the project that I have started. I need to go to the spots that were not accessible in the Fall and, in particular, to take the time necessary to know and understand the local people better and to make portraits of them.


Your generous donations will allow me to realize this project, which, I hope, will be exhibited.

The funds that I will receive will be used to:

- finance the round trip to Svalbard for myself and my assistant (the extreme conditions do not permit to make such a trip alone);

- finance the local trips to Piramida (russian ghost town) and Ny-Ålesund (old mining town, now occupied by scientists), to Sveagruva (Norwegian mine South of Longyearbyen), as well as a trip to Barentsburg with a guide and interpreter; and

- purchase films (middle and large format) as well as finance their development.





I am Julia de Cooker, a young professional photographer, recently graduated from the Ecole Cantonale d’Art de Lausanne. I am mainly interested in the relation that man sets up with his environment : the way he takes advantage of nature and the traces he leaves behind etched in the places he occupied. I love to make photographs of vast spaces. The... See more

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Une belle aventure t'attend tout en haut de la Terre, ou tout en bas peut-être, tout dépend du sens! Quoi qu'il en soit, l'expérience risque d'être forte! bon vent!! gros bisous!!
Je t'enverrai tous les jours des pensées depuis le Mexique ensoleillé pour réchauffer les moments difficiles. Courage Jul ! Plein d'expos t'attendent. T'es la meilleure ! Bisous, j.